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    I woke up late yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I had training in Hampshire and I had 3 trains and 2 taxis to catch to get there. Let’s just say I did not have a great start to my morning, today I was making tea and it got me thinking about the post Kate had written for my blog and I figured this is the best time for me to saying it with you guys because I was stressing yesterday so that was my mood and Kate wrote about “Tea to suit your mood”

    I hope you will enjoy this post as much as I did, I have found it insightful, what about you? Please comment below and let me know what you think or if you have more insight on this topic.

    {Author bio:
    Kate is a huge tea drinker and loves to try new blends. She currently writes for Ringtons Beverages providers of wholesale tea and coffee.}


    Tea is a favourite drink amongst many people and is often used as a way of calming a situation, making a person feel better or as an accessory to mindless gossip. Whatever you use tea for it isn’t uncommon to hear the phrase “I’ll put the kettle on’ in surroundings such as the home or office. There are of course hundreds of blends, flavours and varieties of tea to choose from so how do we know what to choose? The choice of course is entirely up to you. We have however put together six teas to suit six moods.
    1.Pick Me Up

    If you’re a large coffee drinker because you rely on caffeine to get you through the day, try drinking black tea. Tea has a lot less caffeine in it than coffee does however there is still enough of it to pick you up. Not only does the caffeine help but the strong smell of the tea helps to excite your senses.
    2.Under The Weather

    We all get under the weather at times making us feel glum and extremely sorry for ourselves. Let’s not have it last longer than it needs to though, with fruit flavoured teas such as lemon, raspberry and orange you’ll be on your way to recovery. These teas are great for aiding your recovery from sore throats, bad heads and general aches and pains.
    3.Stress Relief

    Feeling stressed isn’t nice and it’s something we all experience at one point or another. If you’re feeling stressed try drinking green tea. Green tea has excellent health benefits, less caffeine and a refreshing flavour to help wash away your stresses.

    Hot days can really take it out of us resulting in us feeling dehydrated and in need of a good drink. Iced teas are exactly what you want in this situation, their refreshing and cooling qualities will have you feeling revitalised in no time at all. A perfect accessory to a sunny day.

    5.Feeling Healthy

    Feeling healthy and fresh is something we all enjoy, luckily for us tea can contribute. White tea is extremely good for us due to its natural antioxidants and lack of caffeine. This tea is also the least processed tea available giving it a wonderful light flavour anyone can enjoy.
    6.Feeling Creative

    If you’re struggling to get your creative side up and running try taking 5 minutes with a cup of Indian Chai tea. This fantastically flavoursome tea is loaded with beautiful spices and tinges that will fully satisfy the pallet. Feel free to drink this tea as it is or add a little something such as honey or cream for an extra bit of zing.
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    xoxo Myrabev.
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