Tuesday Love ~ More Friends

Hey guys!!! Happy Tuesday, it’s 9pm and just realised I didn’t write a blog post so here I am rushing to write one, shower and go to bed as I have a heavy schedule at work tomorrow.

So yesterday I was in London with other bloggers for the Next Blogger Network Workshop #NBNWORKSHOP as the name suggests it was arranged and hosted by the store Next at the Hoxton Hotel. 
At the amazing function I was able to meet and make new friends, friends that I want to stay in town with for the longest time possible. For today/night’s post have decided to just talk about two of the bloggers who though I only met yesterday and  I feel like they are friends have had forever.

1. Demi – this lovely petite lady was kind enough to put up with my gob, y’all know me I talk forever about everything and nothing. She was a second friend I made yesterday, she is gentle kind and very very nice and I feel very blessed to have met her. Her blog is called “a pinch of petite” her blog is amazing her fashion sense is to drool over, y’all know I ain’t gat none so I just “observe” and do my trials and errors but she on point!!!! Check out her tweeter too @apinchofpetite send her some love from me.

*** I apologise Demi my photographic even copy and paste is not the greatest, I have not done her blog justice, it’s so beautiful but I am capturing her latest post which y’all so go check out***

2. Louise – this taller than me lady is so much fun! She speaks her mind, she is open and she is the sweetest person. I felt like we hit it on like a house on fire, she like me don’t take no bs I just love her attitude in general. She like me is the person you will find at the pub draining it dry (in a good way), at the #NBNWORKSHOP we were working on them cocktails which I am not gonna lie Hoxton Hotel could have done better. Check out her blog “louiseabenamensah.blogspot.co.uk” and her tweeter @LouLouDaniels and holla at this girl!!!


***Ain’t she just the cutest girl you ever seen?***

I met a lot of other people who I will be introducing on another post, thanks so much for reading my blog as always it is very much appreciated. Have a good Tuesday day or night and see you in my next blog.


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