I have a confession to make, I love jewellery and I mean like really really love Jewellery. It is nearly impossible for me to go into store like New Look, H&M and/or Peacock and come out with no Jewellery whatsoever. If I do come out without its because; A) I am totally broke or B) I already own everything they have on the sales rack – yes I said sales you really didn’t think I was talking full price did you? The frugal me always winces her nose at full price, I always tell the obsessed me to take a chill pill and wait for the sales and believe me the sales do come.

I love Newbury so much, the shops are amazing and they are always open when I am on my way home from work. The best part is my bus drops me right outside new look so you know I am gonna go in and see what’s on sale. The other day I went in and found a gazillion Jewellery items on sale for £1 yes I said it £1 I almost had a coronary. I took a long deep breath and I went in for the wonder and picking up pieces I know I will be wearing not just decorating my Jewellery box. I picked up a few stand-out pieces which I think are absolutely beautiful and can not wait to try them on.

  • The Goblet necklace – one of my favourite items they had in store, this was a definite purchase
  • The Eagle necklace – Zambia’s flag as the eagle on the flag as our symbol of freedom so you know I was gonna purchase this one.
  • Pearls and dangly earrings – no brainer here every girl should have a pair of pearl earrings as well as the dablings.

These are some of the items I purchased and I am so excited to start wearing them out on my too many new H&M clothes I purchased a couple days ago (they had an amazing sale – beautiful once upon a time expensive dresses reduced to £5 only I was never gonna miss that).

I hope you love the items I picked as much as I do, do you like Jewellery in general?



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  1. Corinne C
    November 6, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    I love jewellery too! Some of the things in Primark are great and cheap, that’s where I usually end up buying most of mine.

    Corinne x

    • November 26, 2014 / 1:13 pm

      I love shopping in primark too and now and again i get jewellery from there too

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