{Review} My first Glossybox ~ First Impressions

review3Clear Start foaming wash – Breakout Clearing
So..? Sinful – Body Fragrance
Little Minx – nail wraps
Lacoste deodorant

Review of my first Glossybox ~ First Impressions

Clear Start foaming wash – Breakout Clearing Link
I started using clearstart about 2 and half weeks now. I had a break-out on my face and I needed something new to try out and the glossy box came right on time with clearstart. I use clear start twice daily once in morning and once in evening. If I shower in the afternoon I use simple because clearstart contains salicylic acid which makes my nose peel so when using it I avoid my nose area. I was not too worried about changing from one face product to another mainly. Clearstart is made from almost the same products as my previous face wash with the exception of salicylic acid. Clearstart leaves my face feeling smooth, fresh, deep cleaned, revived and energized. I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from break-outs.
SO.. ? Sinful Link
Good lord of heaven this little spray carries a punch, I love the smell but its just too strong for me. Though it comes in very handy immediately after the gym or even before you’re are covered until you shower. I need that because I dont shower at the gym (not of fun of cold water).
Lacoste Perfume Link
In the gift set my partner got me it contained the lacoate perfume. I love the scent because I found it lasts all day and smells fresh and calm.
Little Minx – wrap nails
I Love the little minx but these nail wraps are really not my thing. Press on nails I will do but for the life of me I cant do wrap up nails.
Thank you for reading my quick review.
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