• {JustFab.com} These boots are made for walking

    JustFab – Zane (in Chestnut)

    JustFab Boots – Zane in Chesnut

    Hello my lovelies, today’s post is all about my new justfab boots which if you watch my YouTube videos will know I bought to treat myself for Christmas. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.

    I am 5’7 (approx. 170m) and I have long legs that run up a mile, when I say this boots are high I mean high and not in heel terms as you can see they are flat boots but go high up the leg passed the junction and land right ontop of my thighs.

    A few months back I signed up to justfab VIP membership program which works as follows:
    1. Choose your style
    2. Every month thee stylists will pick something that they think will match your style
    3. You will receive monthly e-mails where you get the chance to buy the items picked or skip that month. 
    5. If you do not skip the month, they will charge your account £35 and you can use that to buy whatever you desire in their online shop and the delivery charge is free to VIP members only. 
    6. If you do skip they do not charge your account.
    7. Every purchase made earns you points which can be used online once you received a certain number of points. 
    So I forgot to check the stylist list and decide if I wanted to cancel or not and I am glad I didn’t. Though I loved the stylist picks I got, but I wanted something else and these boos were and still are it. So let’s get down to what you want to know, the specs.
    What’s good

    These boots are warm, cosy and comfy
    They do not let water in and they do not because cold when it’s cold
    The design and the colour (chestnut) are brilliant
    The material is great too and they are easily foldable 
    The elastic band at the back gives you extra strength when putting them on without causing damage or trouble. 
    What’s effy???

    Unless you have big calfs these will row down if you packing any stick legs that I have
    Don’t understand the point of the straps but that’s the not so creative and imaginary side of me.
    Let me know if you have ever bought any boots or bags from JustFa.com, I know I love their bags, they are strong and they last and I hope the same for my boots. 
    Thanks for reading, see you in my next post.

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