LoverDose (Tattoo): Perfume of the Month

LoverDose (Tattoo) by diesel has become one of my all time favourite perfume which I seem to be wearing daily for the last two months. MOH got this for me in harrods as a boxing day present, I love the smell its absolutely divine and I can not fault it in any way.

love dose tattoo

love dose tattoo

Packing – This bottle came as part of the gift box that means it contained shower gel and hand cream in the set. I just love th heart shaped perfume bottle and  think its so appropriate this time of year (love month). The bottle is easy to handle like most perfume bottle and the size is perfect, it fits perfectly and neatly in my bag which is a huge plus.

Smell –  the smell or scent always reminds me of my partner’s scent, I know it’s weird of me to say that but it does. The scent is powerful enough to stay on your clothes for a fortnight but not too overpowering for those with sensitive noses.

love dose tattoo

love dose tattoo

Size – This bottle is a 30ml bottle and it’s perfect for fitting in my makeup bag and even my clutch handbag for those nights on the town.

Cost – At present this perfume alone is just over £25, whereas when we got my gift set it was £22 so not too bad but not great either. Saying that this is Diesel perfume and I think its an ok price.

Review – This perfume gets a thumbs up from me and I look for trying more diesel products in the future.

What is your personal opinion on this product or any other diesel products?

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    • February 10, 2014 / 9:56 am

      You definitely should try it out. Its amazing

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