(New Series) Live Life & Love #1


Hello there! welcome to my new series Live Life & Love, this is the first post in this series. Today I will share with you how the last week has been.

Most of my readers will know I have moved again, left my parents house again and managed to flank myself in Oxford. To all my Cambridge friends and comrades I have not forgotten that Oxford = enemies but give a sister some leeway as I job which I totally love is here. So living here has not been bad, this city is beautiful and has its ever so many merits. The Korean restaurant #Bamboo comes to mind, everything about it is perfect for me.

Well my Korean obsession has not died down, my friend and I are still watching as many movies/dramas as we can fit in a day (after work obviously). I have been re-watching “Master’s sun”, “Heart Strings” and “You’re Beautiful”. These are some of my favourite dramas, they have all the mushy and squishy girlie stuff that I so love.

Well I am missing my parents, not seen them in two weeks and I am going crazy but I will be heading down next week for Mother’s Day (will make it mother’s weekend). I have made more new friends, dont judge but they are all old ladies but they have so much wisdom I can not shy away.

So this is all for the first post in this new series of 3L’s I hope you enjoyed and hope you share with me your 3L’s. Thank you for reading and see you in next post.


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