Live Life & Love #4

Welcome to the fourth installment of 3Ls (Live Life & Love), this series is where I try to capture everything that has happened in the closing week and also what has been happening on both my blogs and other social media networks.

Love me beauty


wantable 3


Living pretty happily though, on Thursday got some news that almost derailed my trip to Munich beginning of next month. I was so upset but then I remembered my motto and YOLO I started smiling, anyway as  I write this post the wrong has now been rectified. My 2nd blog MC is doing well, my Top 5 Friday was well received so thinking of doing more posts like that. If you didn’t check out the post in question click HERE.



Busy busy so much that tomorrow’s post and Wednesday’s post are scheduled and will look something like the images above which I am sure you recognize and so will know what posts will be on this blog tomorrow and Wednesday. I just love the schedule tools that both WordPress and blogger have, there are life saves especially when you really want to post on blog (for you) but know time is of the essence and you cant manage it.



I have been loving quite a few things recently, obviously the beauty boxes above and the feel and flow of so many things in my life both good and bad. I tend not to dwell on the bad stuff in life too much because when I do I get lost in time and waste so much energy. This weekend I have had so much free time that Friday night I did not sleep because I was busy discovering all these new blogs, reading them and actually enjoying 90% of them. I followed over a 100 I feel good because when insomnia calls I have an answer.

So that’s my Live Life & Love things for this week, what are yours?