Manicure Monday ~ Sally Hansen





Hello there and welcome to my Manicure Monday, today I am wearing Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish, this nail polish I got from Poundland. I am in love firstly because purple is my favourite colour and secondly because I think it suits my skin tone very well. I have seen a lot of manicure posts on Sally Hansen nail polish but never really taken the plunge as I assumed they were really expensive so was happy and pleasantly surprised to see some in Poundland. I am not sure if they are real or fake Sally Hansen polish but all I do know it’s they look good, lasts over a week and do not smell. Once I finished applying I noticed the nail polish odour didn’t hang around in the hair for me that’s a big huge plus.

The bottle is like any other nail polish bottle except this one has a protective cap onto on the normal lid. It has a beautiful design and I think the size is just perfect.

I would recommend this product because even though it’s from Poundland it can stand up and match even well known brands like Nail Girls. It dries quickly and one coat is enough to give you that vibrantly good looking purple with a shine to it.

What do you guys think? Are you a Sally Hansen fun or have you ever used Sally Hansen polish?