{Blogger Tools} GripTight GorillaPod Stand Review

Gorilla grip 1When I started blogging I was not too much concerned with my blog pictures or how I was going to take them in general. I was interested in just writing my post end of, until after reading other blogger’s posts on the importance of having pictures in the post (good quality pictures) and I will not claim to have achieved that but working on it. Almost all the bloggers I have the pleasure of meeting or talking to or even just following seems to have the latest big camera’s for their blogs (Nikon mostly) which is nice investment but unfortunately I am not one of them. If you skim through my blog you will find that almost 3/4 of my pictures were taken using my iphone. I do have a simple but good enough camera I was given for christmas last year and I love it but usually forget it when I am out and about.

Gorilla grip 2When the opportunity with giffgaff arose to test out the GripTight GorillaPod Stand I was all over it as I use my phone to take pictures and/or make videos a lot so this stand would come in very handy for me. I used to have a stand I purchased I think from eBay worst mistake ever, it was so unstable and so flimsy. Every time I would stand my camera on it the stand would shake and because my camera lens was almost heavier than the stand it always tipped my lens down which was not cool when filming or even taking a picture. The GripTight GorillaPod Stand is so much more stable and it’s actually quite stylish, though it’s intended for smart phones I used it with my camera and it still held and was very stable and there was no risk of my camera lens facing downwards or worse falling.

Gorilla pod 3The flexibility of the GripTight GorillaPod Stand makes this the idea stand to have and you do not need to limit yourself to what and how you can use it. Visit Joby to see how many ways you can use this product, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a flexible stand which is adjustable and fits all best selling smartphones, easy to set-up and disassembles without hassle as well as small enough to be carried everywhere without any trouble.

Do you use your phone to take pictures? If you have a ‘good enough’ camera, do you use aids like tripod stands to help with filming or even just taking pictures?


Disclosure: I was sent this product by giffgaff for free in order to facilitate this review, no other forms of compensation were given regardless I only recommend products I am happy to use and/or would use regardless.
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