{Fashion Monday} Leopard Fur coat ~ Review

Fur coatWinter has been here for a while now and being someone who was born in a warm climate I do not take it lightly. I remember when we first moved to the UK I was wearing some skimpy clothes when I touched down in London Heathrow and the British winter blew and good Jesus I cried there and then and run to the toilets with my sister where we discovered the hand dryer, that become the place we sat under until mum came and brought us warm clothes. Ever since that day I do not take no chances with my warmth, I dress more warmly than anyone I can even beat the eskimos.

fur coat 3 Fur coat 2
I was sent this Leopard fur coat by the lovely people at Same Apparel and I can not tell you how much I love it. I worn it immediately when it arrived (modelled as you do) and since I knew I had to make a long trip the following day I felt it was the perfect opportunity to test it out and see if it is as warm as it felt inside the house. Same Apparel is a bargain fashion clothes retailer aimed at getting the customer the best quality fashion for the lowest cost. For over 5 years they have successfully sold women’s clothes on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and now Wish.


I will start by saying I have one issue with this coat, it has no zipper or buttons to close it up, which is fine since I usually have big and wide scarfs .

The first thing I noticed about the coat is how soft the fur is, so far I have not experienced any shedding which is a good thing as I hate shading clothes. I like that it’s wide enough for me to put cardigans inside and I love how long it is. The arm length could be longer but for me I think it’s perfect. The leopard print is just perfect since this weather makes me go all black, grey or all blue so works out just fine. I love that the coat is not all fur inside and out, the inside is lined with silk in brown to match the brown in the coat. This coat has a hoodie which is a bonus since at present I am umbrella-less and the rainy UK is unforgiving. The coat is warm but for a coldling like me I need to put in a small cardigan inside just to make sure I don’t start to feel the cold. It’s a beautiful looking jacket and if you in a market for one I highly recommend checking out. The price is £21, you can purchase on Wish and I think this is so reasonable because I have seen some similar coats in New look and H&M which were a lot more expensive though I did not like the feel of it. Wish has a lot of products which are really affordable and I am heading back there to be up a few more items. They ship for free to 38 countries including the UK, they have a 30 day return policy if you’re not happy with the product.

So if you’re in the market for a new fur coat at reasonable price with free shipping then head over to Same Apparel and Wish to check them out.


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