The Future with Weddingshe

The Future


For the last couple of days I have been thinking big time about my future and not I am not pregnant and no I am not getting married but your thoughts are not far off. My brother is getting married this coming May and this has had me thinking about my life, I have spoken about the 10 year plan the 13 year old me had back in the day. I have accomplished a lot more than I thought I would and though the last few years I did not feel like I needed to be married to feel complete I am starting to feel the getting married bug. Call me old fashioned but I do want to be married before I have kids and as I keep telling my mother if by 40 I am not married I will marry myself then go to sperm bank and this is no joke.

When I was young I had friends who had planned their wedding to the smallest detail, some have gotten that and some have not. I was the kid that said I want my wedding day to be one of my happiest days of my life and I want to get married to a nice man. That was it, I upto now do not even know what I want for my future wedding apart from what the little me dreamed of. I have an idea of the dress, of the honeymoon but other than that well no clue. Today I wanted to share two things, what I think I want to wear for my brother’s wedding since I am not a bridesmaid and where I am looking currently.

The Future


My SIL told me the wedding colour theme is purple so I want to avoid that as it’s what the bridesmaids will be wearing. So now that my favourite colour is untouchable the above is what I am working with and so far I am happy.

weddingshe3 weddingshe2Recently I became aware of the site Weddingshe and let me tell you this site is amazing. I have found some really cool bridesmaid dresses at reasonable prices, I think having spent so much time perusing this site is what had brought forth the thoughts about my future and this obviously had been enhanced by my brother’s impending marriage. Weddingshe caters to a wide range of buyers and what I love about them is that they do custom as well as trend setting designs. They ship worldwide and I honestly think there prices are reasonable compared to some that I have seen, even some of the dresses have shown at the beginning are more expensive but not as cute look as the ones on Weddingshe. The Company is based in china which is fine by me so long as I get quality products I am fine with. I love that they accept payment via paypal, credit card and even coupons for me this made it even more likable as just in case I need to raise dispute I know most credit card companies and definitely paypal got me covered. The site is easy to navigate and has a pretty outlook and has so many options to choose from which is a bonus, at the moment they have crazy sales and you also get $5 coupon when you register on their site. Overall great site.

Ladies growing you did you have your wedding all planned out?

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Disclosure: Thank you to Weddingshe for sponsoring today’s talk.