{Fashion Monday} Simple yet stylish

Simple yet stylish

{Fashion Monday} Simple yet stylish is the outfit I choose to start off February’s Fashion Monday. Regular readers know how much I love sharing simple yet stylish outfits. I am not much of a stylish person but I wear what I am most comfortable in and I feel like myself.

{Fashion Monday} Simple yet stylish

Fashion to be is not about trends or what do’s or what not’s for me. It’s about being able to put an outfit together that makes me comfortable, happy and relaxed. It’s not about feeling l like it does not suit me or I am wearing it all wrong. My definition of fashion is definitely different to your everyday fashionista. Though I am picky about my lingerie {should always match} I am not so fussed about matching the outside.

If my outfit dosn’t match my bag or my coat it’s not the end of the world. So long as the colours work together in whatever way I am good. This look I am sharing today can be worn to run errands, appointments or even date night. This is what I consider a relaxed look which is simple yet stylish. The peplum top on a nice pair of skinny jeans gives this look the stylishness. Adding minimum accessories also brings this look the attention it deserves. As I am into crossover bags at the moment I knew it would make a feature in this outfit post.

Because it would be wrong to travel the UK without a pair of sunnies I added these leopard print. To finish the look I paird it with these brown ankle boots though red or grey boots would work too.


How do you feel about your dress sense? Are you a trend follower or the always have to have the ‘in-fashion’ clothes?