The Future: Dream Bedroom plus a dress

Dream Bedroom

Though I never really put much thought into my future wedding and what I want to wear, (apart from it being one of the happiest days of my life) I have thought at great length what I want my future home to look like; particularly the bedroom. I do not know why but I just love thinking and even planning what I want the bedroom to look like, what colours to use, in what season and sometimes even colours to suit my mood. I have done (bulldozed) a few of my wants (future plans) into my current room but its not yet my future bedroom and to keep me at bay with my crazy ideas I turned to polyvore to start creating a room for my current mood which I think suites the current weather/season.

curtains 1 curtains3For me, aside from a relaxing decor and very very comfy bed which I can disappear into after a long day at work the most important thing are the types of curtains I have. With insomnia being my best friend I need curtains which are will be my best buddies, if I wake up at stupid o’clock and fall back to sleep around 7 or 8am when its daylight I need curtains that will give me the illusion of night time not the Zambian summer. I was happy to be introduced to curtains market an online store where they sell different types of curtains to meet your hearts desire which for me was finding curtains that would fit my needs (insomnia), my ideal decor and are of reasonable price. I think I have found them on curtains market without a doubt. When I read this description of the blackout curtains I was checking out I knew nothing could beat them off my top spot – “Thermal insulated blackout curtains can create a comfortable environment for you. This curtain has many features. It can create a good place for you to sleep and rest and also can keep warm in winter and proof the hot in summer. The dark coffee is very generous and can make your room tidier. ” Who could resist such curtains??

About is a professional home curtains online store. We are aimed at offering our clients first-class service and cheapest products with good quality. Meanwhile, we have strict requirements on ourselves, and hope every customer can be satisfied.

Now the dress…

My obsession with bridesmaid dresses even just party or special occasion dresses in general has really continued. I love finding new websites to check out and explore as well as broaden my choices. I was introduced to we prom dresses recently and it brought back memories of my missed-out prom days. I did not attend any of my high-school or college proms but I managed to attend my university ball my one and only (was 007 theme of course I had to go). If I had a chance to go to my prom again and I had we prom dress to shop from I would be in earthly heaven. Though I never went to mine I was very involved in my friend’s who did and loved their dresses which were epic and the one that stuck in my mind is something like this….

A one-shoulder piece dress

we promdress


I just fell in love with the colour, the design and just the beauty of the dress. I wish I could wear this to my brother’s wedding this may as I think this is absolutely stunning and such a knock-out dress. What do you think? I love the variety of clothes that this company has and the price is not too outrageous plus shipping is free such a wonderful bonus.

Check out these two online stores to find some new curtains for your home or a new dress from that special lady.


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