Top 3 healthiest places to live in England

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As lifestyle related illnesses greatly contribute to the rising cost of healthcare, prevention is the best way to solve this problem. The Healthy Access study, developed by, measures how healthy different areas of England are. The study focuses on services; hospitals, gps and dentists as well as green space, cycling and walking.

Today we are focusing on cycling, walking and greenspace. To look up your borough or to see the full study check out the healthy access study here.

Isle of scilly


The Isles of Scilly

The Cycling Score relates to how many people cycle at least once a week for any length of time. Also, based on information obtained from the Department of Transport, the score relates to whether there are enough safe cycle paths and how easy it is to cycle depending on traffic.

The Isles of Scilly has been given a score of 10/10. People living here cycle at least once a week and with the many nature trails and stunning nature reserves found here, it is little wonder why the majority of people living in and visiting this area take to two wheels. On St. Mary’s and Tresco, the traffic is quiet compared to the mainland and there are many bike hire facilities available. It is therefore, very safe and easy to cycle here.


The Walking Score is determined by how people walk at least 3 times a week for more than ten minutes. This score is also determined by how many parks and green spaces there are and how easy it is to get out and walk around.

Southwark has been awarded a score of 10/10 as it is a wonderful place to walk around. It has been voted one of the greenest boroughs in London, boasting over 130 parks and open spaces. Southwark Council encourage residents to walk by improving things such as street lights, pedestrian crossings and walkways and by removing hiding spaces and blind corners, making it safer and more accessible for walkers.

Newark and Sherwood

The Greenspace Score looks at how many people use the natural environment around them. A good Greenspace Score means that residents use the natural environment frequently and also looks at how many parks and green spaces there are. This score is also determined by how accessible, well-maintained and safe these green spaces are. 

The area of Newark and Sherwood was given a Greenspace Score of 10/10. Sconce and Devon Park, Newark Castle and Gardens, Sherwood Avenue and Park and Vicar Water Country Park are all Green Flag accredited, thereby meeting nationally-recognised standards for being welcoming, accessible, safe and well-maintained. Residents in this area use these parks frequently and take advantage of the excellent facilities that are available.

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I don’t about you but the The Isle of Scilly looks rather beautiful from this vantage point and I wouldn’t mind visiting the place.

Have you ever visited any of these three places?

What are some of the healthiest cities in your country?