{Lifestyle} Moving to the UK

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Moving to the UK

When the new millennium hit, my parents sat us down and asked us where in the world we would love to live if we had an opportunity. Obviously the states was number one then UK came second and Australia was third all thanks to the Geography and history lessons we had at school, we had a bit of knowledge about each of these countries albeit it was a bit fabricated but knowledge nonetheless.

Fast forward 2 years later a decision was made and the UK it was, if it had worked out the way my parents wanted it would have been the states but things worked out how it has and we are still happy with our decision.

As a young girl or is it lady moving to a new country was both exciting and also the worst case scenario ever. I was going to be leaving my friends, my extended family, my then boyfriend and everything I knew and loved. Yes I was moving to a new country full of possibilities and better future opportunities but nonetheless I was leaving my home. The place where I was born, where I was nurtured, where I was taught right from wrong, where I had my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first crush and the list goes on.

It was definitely not an easy move although the transition was not as painful as I thought it would be. We had to learn almost everything apart from the language from scratch, we knew very little and technology was not our strongest suit.

I remember us going to town with my mother and trying to pick out a phone for each one of us kids (excluding my sister who was too young at the time). There were so many options but we still did not know which one was best and doing research seemed like such a daunting task. I remember when we arrived we used to use the land-line to make calls back home without a calling card or anything, you can imagine the bill my mum got at the end of the month. She was not too pleased but then she taught us about calling cards and other networks that provided cheaper services to call home.

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Have you ever had to leave your home land to move to another country?


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