{Travel} Korea Day 1


Last week I returned from my travel to Korea and shared with you my Day 0 and what me and my friend ended up doing, because we came home at 7am in the morning we did not wake up until past 12noon and being who we are we did not want to let the day go to waste. We showered, packed and left for Deoksugung {Seoul » Jung-gu » Deoksugung Palace (덕수궁)} to visit one of Korea’s old Palace which was once inhabited by different royalties of south korea.

You can read more about the history of the palace HERE.

It is one of the most beautiful places have seen in my life unfortunately my camera decided it was time to play up and not take pictures so all photos are from my HTC one phone.


When you enter the palace grounds after paying the fee, on the right hand side is the these beautiful flowers and that beautiful part of the palace.


When you do a 360 you can see the outside of palace grounds and the tall building is just amazing.


Taking a stroll seemed very popular and I can see why, it is so beautiful and so relaxing.

IMAG0378The admission fee was not too expensive so when I go back I will visit again.


I had to take a selfie when we were relaxing in the palace grounds.


We found out there was a tour guide for the palace and explaining the history plus wearing the traditional korean attire but since it was all in korean and my korean is lacking we decided to walk past them.


The stairs look short but in reality they are not, omg they were painful to climb up on. I do not know why they had to be like this but then again in Korea they seem to have more stairs than london underground stations.


I had such a lovely time in Korea and can not wait to visit again, the palace was so beautiful, so quiet and it was so relaxing. if I had more time I definitely would have love to have a picnic.