{TRAVEL} Namiseom Island ~ Korea (part 1)

Day 4 started out a bit different that day 0 – day 3, we woke up at 6am to start our journey to Nami island. Though we had woken up at 6am we did not start bathing until 7am and didn’t leave the house until 8.15am. My bestie lives in Hongdae which is almost 2 hours away from nami island by train, we got on a train from Hongdae (line 2) change at Wangshimni station (line 2) and boarded the train to Sangbong station which was on the Jungang line to takes us to Gapyeong station (Gyeongchun line). Arriving at Gapyeong station we had an option of a taxis or a bus to nami island and we opted for the bus which was 12,000won for the 2 of us or 20,000won if we had taken a taxis.



Traveling to Namiseom Island


We arrived at Nami Island in good time but there were so many people and so the cue for visa tickets to enter nami island was long and the sun by this time was scorching hot. My bestie went to get the tickets for the ferry which transports us to the island itself. The nami island is very famous in Korea due to the K-Drama Haylu or Winter Sonata which was filmed there and bestie and I took some pictures of where they shot the scenes and even the post of the movie.

We got the tickets and got onto a ferry – this was my first time on a ferry and I was sure I was going to get sea sick but I hardly even felt the waves which was awesome. The scenic view was just so incredible, I am upset that my camera did not work so all my pictures are either iPhone or HTC one which are not too bad but my camera would have done them more justice. The ferry ride was less than 5 minutes long, we docked and walked onto the island where we were able to explore parts of it but not all.

The Food at Namiseom Island

We had walked quite a bit when we decided to have lunch before continuing, though lunch looked absolutely delicious I wanted meat and they did not really have much in that restaurant. If we had walked a bit further up we would have stumbled upon the most amazing place to eat but hunger spoke before my mouth so the nearest restaurant was chosen. The food cost us 40,000won ($40) and if I am honest was not my cup of tea, we had bought drinks on the train so this saved us quite a bit because the drinks were ridiculously expensive.

korean pancake

korean food


korean food

korean - egg

Korean lunch

After our not so great lunch we started walking around and stumbled upon a gallery type of museum which I will blog about separately but I just had to share some pictures which honestly made me laugh more than shocked me.






After visiting this gallery type museum I just had to got get some ice cream from laughing so much. I mean what was the inspiration for the chinese sculptor to make these?

We walked around, found different flags in bottles, I found Zambian, Lithuania and UK since these are my countries and my bestie found UK and Kenya since these are hers.





Obligatory selfie was taken aboard the ferry and I was mid sentence whilst taking this photo. Nami island is such a beautiful place to be and I am happy I got to see as much as I could.



In part 2, I will share other places we visited on the nami island as well as the ride back from the island to Gapyeong.

Have you ever seen the Halyu movie? Been to Namiseom Island?