{Beauty} 5 Step Morning Face Routine

Last week I woke up with a huge spot on my nose, still got remnants of it now, it took me back to last month just a week before my brother’s wedding when spots started popping all over my face with no explanation. I thought someone was against me, I was not having the small spots that blend into your face no my luck gave me the huge ones that have a life of their own. For my brother’s wedding I was fortunate enough to have one that was very big and very present spot on my cheek.

I have been using different products for over a year and half now and I have always mentioned how I have back-up face products which is the Simple skincare range. I also mentioned that when I am trying out new products I always space them, well I have a confession to make. For about a month or more now I neglected to space my trials and now I am having spots popping up everywhere well at least that’s what I am blaming it on as the only things that have changed is a healthy diet and daily exercising, surely one would think these would be better for me.

With that being said, I have 3 products to share with you. 1 oldie and 2 newbies.


tonerInstanatural’s vitamin c face toner in a 120ml spray bottle, Instanatural’s youth express night cream in a 100ml squeeze bottle and Oz natural’s Professional moisturizing serum with Hyaluronic acid, vitamins C+E in 30 ml in pipette & bottle. The face toner claims to Renew, Hydrate & Restore your skin as well as tightening your pores. The night cream claims to Hydrate & Plump your skin whereas the serum claims to moisturize your face.

I will state that the three products were sent to me in an exchange for an honest and unbiased review and I am not obligated to write this post.

I have been using the serum for over 6 months and I will say I love it and was happy to be sent another bottle to try again (I know very cheeky of me). I use the serum as a third step in my face routine, the toner is second in the routine and this is my first time trying it and the face cream is fourth or fifth dependent on the day.

I know you’re curious about my face routine steps and I know that you know that I always claimed never to be bothered with the many steps in face routine but people I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I really had to pick something up.

Step One:  This is totally dependent on how I feel in the morning. I cleanser my face with a cleanser and currently I alternative between Restore skincare’s Rose glow face cleanser or Oz naturals vitamin c cleanser. If I am having one of my mornings I will use my sonic cleanser brush to get deep into my pores and get the dirt out. I am loving the Oz natural vitamin c cleanser as I feel with the sonic cleanser it gets into the pores and removes the dirt and leaves my face feeling soft.

Disclaimer: I do not use my sonic cleanser system daily, I prefer to use it on alternate days and sometimes I space it out.

Step TWO: 6 months ago I had added this step to my face routine, I once upon a time used to use the herbalife toner then traded it up for the Simple skincare range toner and last year I changed it up to OZ natural’s toner. Which I think worked wonders for my skin, did not really believe it would make a difference but it did. Now I am trying out Insta Natural’s face toner and I do love it, I at least have experienced one of it’s claims ‘hydrates’ my skin. I always spray my face with the toner after I had cleansed my face and pat dried it with a face cloth.

Disclaimer: I never spray my toner on exposed skin, if my spot has burst I cover it with cotton pad or finger when spraying the toner.

Step THREE: This step is also dependent on my mood that morning, I definitely use the face serum once the toner has been absorbed into my skin. I like to use a cotton pad add a bit more than a pea size and apply it to my face. Once absorbed into my skin I like to use my derma roller to give my face that ‘home face lift’ as it rejuvenates the skin and allows for the serums and moisturisers to penetrate into the skin more easily. I find that my face is more youthful after using my derma roller and stays radiant throughout the day.

oz natural serum

Disclaimer: I do not use the sonic cleanser system and the derma roller on the same day, I like to alternate them and give my face chance to do it’s own thing naturally.

instanatural night cream

Step Four: This is usually my final step where I apply my face moisturiser and allow it to be absorbed into my skin before I leave my house. I am currently using the Oz natural herbal infused moisturizers and also trying out the night cream by instanatural for before bed even though instanatural suggests it can be used for the day time too. I think the cream is too thick for me to wear it during the day and since it is summer time probably not the best idea to slap a heavy cream on as sweating buckets comes to mind.

 So this is my 5 step face morning routine, have you ever used any of these products?


Disclosure: I was sent the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review, no monetary exchanged nonetheless all opinions are my own.