{GBU} The Happening ~ WEEK ELEVEN


Hi there and welcome to The Happening the Good the Bad and the Ugly GBU, on this first Thursday of June. Can not believe May is gone but it was such a lovely month even though it was so busy. Though it may only be the 4th day of June I have been so busy it is crazy, I am in desperate need of a holiday and end of July can not come fast enough.

So here is the happenings since last Thursday

The Good

My bed FINALLY arrived yesterday, I let the delivery guys assemble it for me even though I could have done it myself but I really wanted them to as sleeping on the air bed for almost 2 weeks had my old bones ready to break.

I bought a TV stand last week which required two people to assemble but I did it myself with no help, very proud of me. This week I bought a coffee table which I also assembled myself, I always used to depend on other people to do such things for me but honestly I can do it myself.

I bought a sofa bed which I am hoping will be delivered before the weekend as I am loving how beautiful my new home is shaping up to be.

I am slowly integrating my sister into the blogging world and last week she wrote a sponsored post for a client of mine with guidance from me and they paid $100 (£63.10) and she was so pleased.

I have been invited to a lovely blogger event this Sunday in London can not wait it’s been a while since I went to a blogger event.

I don’t mean to brag but I had 6 companies contact me to work with me in one day and all agreed to my terms it has been such a wonderful experience now all I need is another set of fingers and head to change over when I feel tired. So blessed and so grateful.

I was asked to be an ambassador for my country (former) for a mobile company that I love already, such a huge honour I am loving it.

The Bad

In the hopes of furnishing my home I have gone completely off the reservation and my budgeting and planning has really gone off the trail.

Though I am very pleased with my handy work assembling the TV stand and coffee table my arms are still sore and working in an office typing all day has really done a number on my wrist.

The Ugly

My boss has gone off on sick leave for the next six weeks or so and its weird for me now, as I miss her.

That’s all the fun and games I have had for the last 7 days, how has yours been?

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