{Guest Post} 5 slimming fashion tricks every woman needs

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At this time of year, all talk seems to turn to getting in shape and you might feel under pressure to slim down. Luckily though, whether you’re planning to shed a few pounds or not, there are some simple fashion tricks that can help ensure you look trim. Here are five of the best.

1) Take advantage of control tights

Control tights are a clothing essential. These handy accessories can help to give you a smooth silhouette and banish the dreaded visible panty line. They will also help to lift your bottom and give your thighs and tummy a more toned appearance. You can take your pick from a host of different colours, deniers and designs by visiting the websites of specialist suppliers like Stockings HQ. Always be sure to have a range of options in both black and nude so that you can pick out control tights to suit all outfits.

2) Select clothes in the perfect size

Another top tip is to ensure you buy clothes that actually fit. Don’t fall into the trap of selecting sizes that you’d like to fit into, or that you used to wear. Instead, make sure the garments you go for are the perfect match for your measurements. If your clothes are too tight, they’ll show every lump and bump, and they’ll cut into your skin, creating an unappealing look. On the other hand, if they’re too baggy, they’ll make you look larger than you are.

3) Choose your colours carefully

Even if you love radiant reds, bright blues and pretty pinks, bear in mind that if it’s a slimming effect you’re seeking, there are certain colour rules to follow. For example, it’s a good idea to ditch light hues in favour of darker colours for the areas of your body that you’re least happy with. So, if you love your legs but you’re not so happy with your torso, try choosing a dark top and brighter, bolder trousers or skirts.

4) Find flattering cuts

Think about the cut of the clothes you buy too. As a general rule, steer clear of boxy dresses or tops. By creating horizontal lines across your body, these garments will make you seem shorter. Instead, go for long designs that will lengthen your shape and give you a more slender appearance. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, make sure you show if off with dresses and tops that cinch in around your waist.

5) Say hello to heels

Another top tip is to reach for your heels. As well as giving you extra height, these shoes will elongate your calves and make your legs seem longer and slimmer.

These are top 5 slimming fashion tricks that you should know.

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Disclosure: This is guest post in collaboration with stockingshq.

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