How to pack for a spa weekend

pack for a spa weekend

As most of you know for my sister in law’s hen do I went to a spa called Village St Davids Resort near Chester. From where I live its 2 and half hours drive but on train it’s close to 4 hours. I had known 4 days before the trip that it was going to be a long one for me and I needed to pack only essentials because the last thing you want on a weekend away is to be tagging luggage from station to station. My trip to Chester involved 3 train changes and then a taxis to the resort itself, so I knew my bag had to be lightweight and since my Chromebook travels with me it definitely had to be a backpack. When I was travelling to Korea I picked up a lovely Cath Kidston weekend bag which is very sizeable and very pretty looking, I made sure to pick one my mum and sister did not have (very important). Though this weekend bag is pretty and would allow me to pack enough for the weekend I knew I would tire easily tagging it around so luckily for me I had picked up a lovely backpack from a small boutique in Korea for 10,000won ($10 or £5). It has a beautiful design, many compartments (for laptop & for tablet) and side pockets, I am loving the strength of this backpack big time. It’s true what they say, Korea is the mother of all backpacks.

Back to how to pack for spa weekend.

As I mentioned above, only pack what you need and think of what they already have.

1. We were staying over Saturday night and check out Sunday morning so I knew I needed sleepwear and socks (I have cold feet)

2. Because it was an overnight stay I had to pack my emergency face product bag which also substitutes as an airport travel bag. It contains, simple face wash and moisturiser, travel toothbrush & paste, mouth wash, and deodorant. I usually have shower gel & sponge as well as face cloths in but the hotel will have these so for one night I can live without my own.

If you want to save space then carry your face products but get the toothbrush and paste from the hotel though this is an expense

3. Change clothes, I wore a nice dress which can be worn down for the day or up for the night by changing the shoes so I knew one dress two pairs of shoes. One pair I wear when going and one pair in the bag.

4. I knew we would be having massage then time to swim etc. (I can sink can’t float) so I carried a one piece (personal preference) and remembered to shave bob Marley off all visible areas. To save space I wore the tan top inside my dress since it was strapless and perfect fit.

5. Portable charger, I carried my portable charger for the train ride and a plug to charge the portable charger. As most know it’s essential to have a charge especially if you will be reading, listening to music or browsing the net on your phone.

6. Carry ID and money, I am sure this is no brainier, your ID and money should always be on you for emergencies and your travel documents too. I have a small ticket holder which fits in my purse perfectly.

7. The UK has the craziest weather changes in the world, 4 seasons in one day so it’s important to carry proper outer covering. I have a small leather jacket and long dress type knitted cardigan so I can wear these easily together or remove the small leather jacket if it gets too hot.

So this is how I pack for a spa weekend getaway.

What would you included?