{Fashion} Cashmere and Me

Shopping has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, I know it’s a silly statement to some and for someone who is not a shopaholic it’s a huge statement. I have loved shopping longer than I care to remember, when I was a kid my mum used to make a lot of stuff for us to save money for more important things. Obviously she was instilling in us a much more important lesson but for me all I wanted at one point was to have enough money to go shopping until I dropped.



We have this culture back home where you give your parents your first pay and I mean all of it. I will not claim to be big on my tradition but I try to do what I can and so imagine little old me had a first proper paying job then had to give all the money to my parents lucky enough the lesson I learned was it was just a wisdom test which I know am not explaining properly but basically its to show am growing well and my parents returned all the money to me.


Anyway! when I got my money back the first thing I bought was a second hand cashmere jumper from the sunday market, I know it was not much to some but I loved that jumper move than I thought I could and though it was second hand it was a good jumper from then on what have always wanted cashmere something in my closet but never had the money to spare.

A couple months back I stumbled upon a site called wool overs and guess what I found? They sale cashmere jumpers among other items for both men and women. I fell in love with these cotton & cashmere jumpers which I think are absolutely gorgeous and they look so soft and so warm, anyone who’s lived in the UK will tell you whether it’s winter or summer you need to have a trusted jumper near by. Wool overs has everything from women’s cardigans, shirts to men’s jumpers all made from different fabrics like cotton & cashmere, silk & cotton, wool even cashmere and merino.

I have spent a considerable amount of time scouring the net for cashmere jumpers and they are some lovely sites out there but for me Woolovers is my first choice because they have been around for a long time (since 1989) suggested a trusted company, they have over a million customers worldwide, they offer a great service and I can not think of anything to fault them on.

I love cashmere, and currently waiting on my order for a cashmere Jumper.

Do you own any Cashmere clothing?

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