{Travel} Holiday Blues Tips

holiday bluesHoliday blues, we all know them but how come I sometimes  feel as though mine are just a little bit different from others? Many people go on holiday and come back refreshed and ready to take on the world, they feel rejuvenated, well rested and clear heads. Unfortunately for me I do not always feel like that, for me the common occurrence is I go on holiday have so much fun then come back and I feel as though I need another holiday to get over the holiday I have just returned from. Why is it like that for me? ๐Ÿ™ Does anyone else feel like that?

Most people know that I just returned from Seoul, South Korea and Fukuoka, Japan. I had so much fun in both these places that I am really finding it hard to adjust back into normal daily routine. I returned over a week ago today but I feel like I am yet to go on my long-awaited trip. I was talking to a friend I was visiting in Korea, I’m at a point where I think maybe I should just move there and get it over with. Ever since I first visited in April/May this year I have had such a longing to go back, hence why I went the second time!. Maybe I need some more time away to really appreciate it or maybe it’s the British weather that has put a damper in my mood either way I have come up with a few ways to get over (or at least attempt) the holiday blues :).

Re-live the memories – most people wouldn’t think this was a good idea for people like me because it makes you want to go back again but I know I can not go back just yet so I am reliving my memories by checking out my pictures (which I am yet to share on my IG account) and also just keeping tabs on what’s happening in Seoul. My friends got me into listening to Korea hip hop/RnB and though it was not my cup of tea before I am loving it especially since I am missing it so much. It’s actually nice to hear the music again, it makes me feel and think I am back there again.

Plan your next holiday – I have a confession, the day I arrived back in the UK I already started to plan for my return back to South Korea ๐Ÿ™‚ oops!! I know it’s crazy and for most people Korea is not even on there travel bucket list but for me I feel like from this year onwards I want to be visiting Seoul at least once a year. I think for those who not into South Korea like me you can always check out popular destinations like Hawaii, Marrakech, cape town etc., there is endless possibilities.

Book a mini break – I know this sounds crazy but I think booking a mini break before your next holiday is a good idea and when I say mini break it does not need to be another country, it could be another county (State for my USA readers) or even your own town. It’s amazing what this does for your mood and outlook on stuff, I have done a few times and always happy to recommend. I have already scheduled a few before Christmas and these are helping me cope until my next long holiday.

These are some of my holiday blues tips, I know we all different and handle them differently but hope my tips are helpful to someone.