Autumn outerwear ~ Fashion Monday

Autumn Outerwear
Ok so autumn has definitely started to make itself well-known, I am a summer baby so you can understand me and autumn (winter) have a love/hate kind of relationship. I don’t mind it raining or being cold when I am home snuggled up in bed with hot chocolate and popcorn watching my favourite TV dramas and movies but I do not like autumn when I am out and about or when I am at work. For some reason it takes away all the beauty of me wanting to leave my home and exploring the world around me. I feel as those I lose my energy to be able to do things and just want to stay home and snuggle up.
Black Textured Contrast Leather Look Sleeved Blazer
Since I live in an adult world and I need to be an adult myself I can not close myself off just because the weather is cold or not to my liking. If anyone was to see me on a winter’s day they would definitely think I am an Eskimo because of how I dress. I dress for comfort and hardly for fashion or style, I know you can be both stylish and comfortable and I am working on that. My idea of stylish and comfortable is choosing nice looking but warm autumn outerwear and I thought these coats/jackets absolutely fall in that category and I am sure every lady wouldn’t mind having any of these in their closets.
What do you think of my choice of autumn outerwear? Is my fashion sense still there or lost it in the winter? What kind of outerwear do you like?
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