Christmas Party Planning Tips

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas, everywhere you go !!!!! sorry I just had to sing that little line for y’all but people christmas is almost here, ain’t you excited? I sure am. The title of this post certainly gives it away, today I wanted to share with you some of my tips for christmas party planning. I am not that great at it but I do try now and again. There a lot of things to consider when planning a christmas party and any other party in general. With parties it could either be a disaster or a huge success,the tips I will share are more from my point of view as an attendee than the organiser.

christmas party tips

Party planning tips

  • Know your audience – I can not stress enough how important it is for the organiser to know his/her audience. If you’re inviting friends and family then you pretty much know half of the battle and the other half is knowing their common ground. There is nothing more I hate than attending a party where it looks as if it was only planned for a select few and I was a stand in guest in case someone cancelled.
  • Stay organised and plan ahead – some parties can not be helped but be last-minute but others take months of preparation to get them right. If you know you will be having say 20 guests and can not fit them in your home then it is important to find a venue that would cater for such numbers. I am sure your local town has venues available to accommodate your guests, London has so many wonderful venues like One Marylebone which was built-in 1826 in the heart of the capital and hosts many events including christmas parties. Having a venue which is easy to navigate and has easy public transport accessibility is very important. This will ease the minds of your guests and stop people from cancelling because it’s too far or hard to get to.
  • Sort your Food & Drink – most venues would offer to cater at an additional cost but if you didn’t want catered food, knowing how many people you’re expecting is a great way to start. I love the idea of sending out a proposed menu and checking dietary requirements, in this day and age people seem to be very wary and particular about the food they eat. To avoid disappointment to both you and the guests it is best to find out way in an advance.
  • Send your invites – we live in a very technologically advanced century so it is easy enough to send an e-invite but I know some people are old school and prefer card invites which I think is sweet and has more of a person touch.
  • Sort your outfit & accessories – I do not know about you but I always feel like every christmas party I attend I need a new dress for it. It is crazy but that’s how I feel and 90% of the time I do just that but you could always look at the back of your closet, you never know Santa might have left you something there. 🙂

The only thing left now is the christmas party date to arrive to and for you and your guest to have a blast. These are my party planning tips. I have left out music because we all know you will be playing jingle bell songs anyway!! 🙂 What are some of your tips for christmas party planning?

Have you ever planned a party before christmas or otherwise?


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