{Sponsors} Thank you October 2015 Sponsors

I apologise for writing this post so late but as they say better late than never. October for me was a really hard month for blogging, I had lost my mojo back in August but kept forcing myself then when September rolled in I had my holiday in Korea and decided to take a break, this should have helped me get refreshed and ready to start blogging again but instead led me down the blogging block path and it was really hard to snap out of it but I am happy that I managed to snap out of it and come back to blogging. Yah me!!


As always with these types of post I share with you some of the lovely sponsors, collaborators and guest posts that had featured in the ending month and for this post it will be October sponsors. The first time I shared a thank you sponsors post was over a year ago when I realised that though I am grateful for the opportunities this blog has afforded me, I have never actually sat down to dedicate a post to thank everyone who has helped and this blog reach where we are now.

If I have not said it to you before, I am saying it now from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

Now down to business…


In October I was able to work with a lovely PR company to bring you A perfect winter break ideas, I know most people are not thinking of winter breaks but more Thanksgiving (For the usa and others) and Christmas. But I think it is important before all the crazies with the festive period to take some time out and enjoy it. I am currently planning a solo trip to Slovenia ‘s capital so hopefully once I get it chance in the next few weeks I can go and have some relaxing time and if that doesn’t work London as a selection of beautiful hotels to entertain me.

Bloggers, have you ever thought about writing an appreciation post to your sponsors outside the obligatory review/product post?