Christmas gift idea for her

Gift guides, I have been seeing a lot of  them but t’is the time and I felt it was time for me to do one for myself. I wanted to do a gift guide for her first because well it’s like a pinning board for ideas of what I want to get my mum, my sister, my (future) mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

gift guide for her

Those who know me know I am not good at getting gifts, I can do personalised gifts no problem but as traditional gifts go I do not do well in that department so I give people gift cards or just money so they can get what they want.

I have mentioned the four women I need to get gifts for so in no particular order:

Mum – Necklace and Spa day

I have been seeing a lot of spa deals on groupon, with the amount of stress she is always under lately she could do with a day off to be pampered and taken care of since I can’t do it myself being so far away from her. I did manage to pick her a necklace from Victoria secret when I was on the states a few weeks back. I have always gotten her jewellery so I wouldn’t stop this tradition any time soon.

Mother-in-law – The body shop gift basket

I am not really sure what to get my future MIL nor do I know what she likes the most but I do know she would love anything from me (she tells me so), as they say it’s the thought that counts but I still wanted to make an effort.

christmas gift guide


Sister – clutch bag and watch

My sister is the easiest of them all to shop for, she works in (fashion) retail and she is always telling me what’s new, what she likes, so she is easy to shop for. I thought any one of these beautiful clutch bags from Radley would make an awesome gift for her since she can never get enough of clutch bags. I also thought both me and her been talking about Michael Kors and how lovely it would be to own something (this is more for me) from his collection, I thought since she already has an MK bag a watch is the  step up.

Sister-in-Law – Virgin experiences

My SIL is another one person I find hard to shop for as I do not know what to get that would have my hearts meaning on it. She is a very creative woman and such an amazing wife to my brother and mother to my nephew, what can I get her that shows my appreciation of the love she’s added to our family? I was thinking a spa day but we did this for her Hen do so I was thinking maybe a meal for two in London with my brother whilst we look after my nephew. Or maybe a night at the theatre or just a night off all together.

So there you have it, my idea of a gift guide for her this Christmas. As I mentioned I love personalised gifts and I think the more personalised the better and for me that includes tailoring the gift to the person’s needs or loves.


*Collaborative post*

**image from The Body shop

  • Ooh, the ladies in your family are going to be spoiled this year 🙂 I always buy at least one Body Shop gift for someone for Christmas. This year I picked up one of their star shaped wands with 5 lip butters in for my daughter X

    • Thanks Louise and the lip butters will be a hit with your family I am sure

  • Great ideas for gifts! I got my mom a gift basket last year, and she surprisingly used everything in it! I’m definitely going with another this year.

    • Thanks, glad your mum liked her gift basket, I got mum one two years ago and only managed to finish it now lol

  • You have some very lucky ladies in your life! Awesome job with finding a meaningful gift for each one of them!

    • Thank you so much, I am not good at giving presents but I do try to be attentive to their needs

  • They all sound fab gifts. The ladies in your life look as if they’re going to be well and truly spoiled this year – enjoy! 🙂

  • I love gift baskets, don’t you? Seeing those under my tree is terribly exciting. I need to get to work and start dropping hints for this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re most welcome. I too love gift baskets

  • Great post. I was given a Body Shop gift basket last year for Christmas and I loved it! Great gift.

    • Thank you and yes the body shop is always a hit, glad you liked yours

  • I love products form the Body Shop! And I am getting my mom a gift card to the spa for Christmas this year! Looks like we are thinking a like!

    • Oooh how lovey, I am sure your mum will enjoy the spa treat

  • These gift ideas are really useful! The spa is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  • Gosh, I could really use a spa day! And the virgin experiences is a fab idea! A meal out would be nice, too! Great ideas. Love the body shop gift set 🙂 Great post, thank you for sharing. xx

    • Thanks Sarah, a meal out would be nice indeed

  • These sound like great ideas. I still have my mom and mother-in-law to buy for, and I just have no idea.

    • Thanks Stephanie, sometimes mothers can be had hardest to buy for.

  • My mum would love a spa day! I’ve already sorted her Xmas present, but I’m going to write down a spa day for her birthday xx

    • I am sure she will love it and enjoy it too

  • Nice gift choices! I’d love someone to buy me a spa day. Body shop is always a winner, their stuff smells delicious x

    • I want a spa day for January lol, I love body shop coconut and strawberry are my favourite smells

  • I have several friends that loves body shop. You can really shop for affordable but useful gifts there for ladies.

    • Yes body shop is a great place for that and more

  • Wendy

    My brother’s girlfriend can be hard to buy for. I think she would love The Body Shop gift set. Who wouldn’t!

  • Great ideas. Since you have a hard time picking something for your sister in law, I think a night out either with your brother or with girl friends would be amazing. Throw in some free babysitting and that is a gift any mom would love.

    • Thanks Lisa, definitely aiming for exactly this to give her

  • This is a great list of Christmas gifts. I am always looking for ideas for my mother in law and my sister in law.

    • Thanks Lisa, glad you think so

  • I’m loving reading everyone;s gift ideas. You can’t go wrong with Body Shop as there is something for everyones taste

    • I couldn’t agree more, The Body Shop caters for all

  • I love it when bloggers make my life easier! It is so hard to shop for my mother-in-law and now I have some ideas!
    My sister on the other hand is super easy..I am knitting her a scarf (shhh, it’s a secret!!).

    • oh wow I am sure she will love it. I am glad this post gave you some ideas

  • That Bodyshop set looks absolutely divine, I love the way it is packaged x

  • Ooh these are such great ideas, I always have a hard time shopping for my mother in law!

    • Thanks, I am just hoping my (future) mother in law likes them.

  • Lovely ideas – I do like getting experiences myself, although a Radley clutch bag would probably go down very nicely indeed!

    • I know what you mean, thanks.

  • These are great gift ideas! I love the Body Shop. They always have such great products there and I always find so many great body washes and lotions there!

    • Thanks, the body shop always has my favourite lotions

  • Experiences are such a good idea. I’d love to get one as a gift, and give the OH one, but he’d never do it. Boring

    • Hahahaha lol am sure he would if you ‘persuaded’ him. I too would love an experience as a gift

  • You have some great choices for gifts. My sister in law is also the most difficult on my list – but maybe I can look for some sort of experience for her around their area.

    • Thanks, just checked with my sister in law and she loves the idea of an experience day so worth checking for your SIL too 😊

  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Those re all great ideas. I am always down for a spa day, but experience gifts are my favorite. I love doing new things.

    • Thank you, I am hoping my sister in law will love the experience gift

  • I love The Body Shop, I think anything from there would most definitely make a great gift.

    • Me too, they have some awesome products