{Fashion Monday} Christmas Outfit Idea

Christmas is this Friday and by now you should have your Christmas outfit all sorted or started thinking of what you’re going to wear. For some this is not even on the list of things to do or prepare for whilst for some this is a must. I have put together an idea of what you could wear if you’re heading out to party or even just to a small get together with friends.


Christmas Outfit idea
Red Dress – What Christmas outfit is complete without something red? I love wearing either red dresses for Christmas (and Valentines) or a black dress with red shoes just to add some red in my outfit.
Alternative dress – You are not required nor obligated to wear red dress on christmas day and for times when I am traveling and can not get my hands on a red dress or plain black dress I have in the past settled on an alternative like this Little mistress embellished party dress and paired it with some high heeled pumps like this Louboutin so kate 120 pumps.
High heels – Ok so not everyone wears high heels but I like to pair most of my outfits with high heels, be it your Louboutin or wedges. Either one would look good dependent on what look you’re going for and what dress you’re planning on wearing.
Accessories – I am jewellery obsessed and almost every outfit I wear has to have some sort of jewellery to go with it. I love Anne Klein Boxed bracelet & bangle watch set which just looks beautiful on any oufit. I love wearing some rings too whenever I can just to add some more love to the outfit.
Clutch Bags – I am such a huge lover of clutch bags especially if they are sizeable ones, not too small but not too big either just in the middle. I use clutch bags a lot when traveling or just when I am out and about.
Coats – Winter is well underway and making itself known to us, I like to wear long coats during winter so they can cover my legs as I hate dislike wearing tights.
These are some of the things I turn into consideration when putting an outfit together; how comfortable is it, can I wear it another time? Will it go with my favourite lip sticks and favourite nail colour? If the answer to these questions is yes then putting the outfit together becomes easy for me.
What do you think of this outfit? Have you thought of what you’re going to wear?

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