{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel Challenge ~ Month three

I can not believe it is already month three of this challenge, the months seem to be coming and going way too fast for my liking but then again I am enjoying and savouring each month as it comes.

The saying “where there is a will there is always is way” is one saying that I live by, I refuse to be chained down to the thought of “impossibilities” for the word itself says “I ‘ m possible” so why should I accept anything less?

I was recently asked how I manage to travel so much, how I started and how it become so “popular” with my readers and to be honest I didn’t realize it was popular until my fan asked me about it. My answer to these questions are: I search for the best deals out there, I hardly ever book pack deals I do everything myself unless it’s a destination too far from home. Traveling to Europe is easy for me because I am in the UK and so many budget airlines around offering great deals. I have a very good paying job plus I now earn enough from my blog to support my travels. Remember!! I book early (where possible) and have joined discount club with wizz air so my flights are always cheapest with them. My last trip to Prague was £40 return, my trip to Brno was £15 return. I then stretch my money by looking for best deals on hotels, airport transfers and I bring things I need instead of buying. These are some of the things I do to stretch my money and visit many places.

Month three

So #take12trips is already on month three, remember you can read up on my month one – where I visited Ljubljana, Slovenia and Vilnius/Kaunas, Lithuania then for my month two – I went on a weekend getaway to Prague.  I am mostly a sol traveler and month three is no different.


Phallic clock in Brno

For month three I had booked my ticket to Brno (£15 return) with wizz air and since I had a long weekend I squeezed in a visit to Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. These two extra cities are less than 3 hours from Brno by bus and even less by train. I realised instead of confiding myself to one city I could make my money stretch for me. Brno uses Czech krona so made things even cheaper for me who uses pounds, both Vienna and Bratislava use the euro but it’s still weaker than pound so I was still able to stretch my money.

Schnobrunn Palace

Schnobrunn Palace

I won’t lie and say I have the best budgeting skills because I don’t but one thing I always make sure with my travels is that I pay for my hotel upon arrival so that any money left I know it’s for adventures and food. And since I spend so much time exploring I carry energy bars, fruits and water so I am not tempted to buy foods that are not on budget. I also walk where it’s walkable instead of using buses or trains/trams unless I have bought a ticket for the entire day or entire duration of my stay.

Primatial Palace

Primatial Palace

Traveling has opened my eyes to so many things, not once do I want to just be living through someone else’s eyes I wast to do it myself where possible. This travel challenge is exactly what the doctor ordered and can not wait to share the many more travels I have planned.

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