{Fashion Monday} How to clutch your outfit

I have been sharing outfit ideas for almost 3 years now on this blog, I have mentioned a number of times that I am no fashionista but I do love fashion and whatever I find hard to replicate in real life or can not visualize I try putting it together online and see what it would look like.

How to clutch your outfit


Most of the fashion ideas are from items that I already own or equivalent (obviously not the same brands 90% of the time but similar items nonetheless). Lately I have been looking at my closet and realise whenever I am going out either on a Date night with boo or meeting up with friends, one thing I never try to pair my outfits with is clutch purses. I do have clutch purses in my closet I just always feel like small clutch are behind me with my clubbing days. I then realised I am limiting myself to what I can pair with clutch bags if I really put my mind to it.
This gone weekend I had arranged to meet up with my friend and I felt that this was the perfect time for me to try pairing my clutch purse but the weather had other ideas so I had to abandon the outfit idea altogether but I wanted to share what I had actually put together and also another clutch outfit idea that came to mind. To the lunch meet up with my friend I wanted to wear my jean dress with satin sandals and clutch bag finished off with a waterfall jacket since it’s still pretty cold but as I mentioned the weather had other ideas so I couldn’t get away with sandals so the entire outfit collapsed.
I have a party coming up in the next few weeks and I have been wondering when I can wear my tie front trousers and how to dress it up and honestly I was stuck in the dumps because even though I have put this outfit together I am not exactly sure I can pull it off. I do not have a flat tummy, I have extra bacon coming off my sides now so not exactly idea to be showing mid section skin but that is not stopping me from sharing this outfit idea. Like I always say just because it won’t look good on me currently doesn’t mean I can’t share it, maybe there is someone who is looking for that exact outfit and would find it more useful than me. Besides I can always come back to this post and see how I styled up the outfit.
How to clutch your outfit

There you have it, my idea of how to clutch up your outfits. Clutch bags are so versatile unlike me do not limit them to only a certain theme (clubbing) use them in more settings. So what do you think of these outfit ideas? Would you pair them like this or add/remove any items?
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