It’s a Dog’s Life 

It’s a dog’s life is brought to you in conjunction with Panasonic

its a dogs life

When I was a kid we had a family dog, my brother and I asked for one when we were kids and at first my parents refused but then a few months later our neighbor down the road was selling puppies and my parents finally agreed for us to have one. We called our dog tiger and boy did we love that dog, we fed him and honestly treated him almost like human. From the time he was little until he’s sad passing we used to hide him in our bedroom’s until my parents decided to build him he’s own house outside.

Its a dogs life


You see, back home in Zambia dogs are for protection so they are not necessarily seen as pets but we kept tiger as both. What I mean by protection is firstly they sleep outside the home and always let you know when there is an intruder in the yard and they will chase him or them away. Our dog tiger was so clever, if there was an intruder he would first bark by my parents window then run to the other side of the house to my window bark there then start chasing the intruder until we woke up. This was really handy for us as our dog really protected us and our home and for him he’s job was 24/7. What I meant by “not necessary seen as pets” is that here in the UK I have seen people treat dogs better than their fellow humans and though I love dogs a human is a human. When tiger passed as a family we felt like we had lost a family member, actually he was a family member and it was hard. After that we refused to get another dog, our neighbors dog must have known how much we loved him (tiger) and since they were brother’s the neighbors dog used to come over to play and eventually started to protect our home more than he’s owners (so sweet, for us ofcourse).

Here in England my brother and he’s family have dogs (2) and they love those dogs big time, they act as my nephew’s older siblings. They protect the home, they play with my nephew and now and again they do get a day off protecting the home because of the security system my brother and he’s wife have for their home.

Panasonic in conjunction with Dave a mastiff dog, wants you to join the competition and upload a photo or video of you and your ‘Very Important Pet’ VIP, sharing the love using the hashtag #MyVIP for a chance to win a two-night stay in a luxury hotel and other great prizes worth up to £2,000

Do you have any pets? Are you a dog lover?

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The video is called ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ and stars Dave, a mastiff who has been given the day off from guarding his home from intruders as his owners have installed a Panasonic Smart Home System, an innovative networking system that monitors and secures the home in minutes!