{Fashion Monday} Work Dinner & Party Outfit

This week Friday we are having a work dinner and then a colleague’s birthday party after, this will be my first work birthday party and I was not quite sure what to wear. I have been playing around in my closet trying to think of outfits that I can wear which will still leave the ‘work respect’ we all have and not the ‘party animal’ that I can sometimes carry outside my work. In the corporate world it is not always simple to have work friends who also know your ‘outside work self’ because these day everything is fair game and learning from experience it is something that can be used against you when you least expect.

Work Dinner & Party Outfit


When attending a work dinner, there is always a lot to consider (at least for me there is), like I mentioned above not everyone in the corporate world are friends outside the office. I am very friendly with all my work colleagues but after work though we will send each other an odd text here and there (all work related or good wishes) we do not go beyond that. I have been burnt before and honestly once bitten twice shy applies to me in buckets. I made a mistake of thinking I had ‘friends’ but apparently I had back stabbers with the face of angels. So with all my work dinner invites since them I approach them all with a pinch of salt, yes I will have fun and laugh until I pee myself but I will not let my guard down. Putting this outfit together was a hard task because most times I was thinking of dressing as a nun but that is not me so I consulted my pretty friend Polyvore and started playing with some ideas on how to dress up my black knee length dress.


In alternate universe I have chosen my favorite knee length dress, paired it with Dorothy Perkins nude heels, Vivienne Westwood Bags, a nice long off white coat and some rose gold or gold jewelry. As I have said many times on this blog, fashionista I am certainly NOT but Fashion LOVER that much I am. Putting outfits together gives me ideas on what to wear as this acts as my vision board and because I love playing dress up.

So how do you think I have done or will look this Friday?

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