How to eat on holiday

Summer is almost here and most of us have got summer holidays to go on. I have my usual weekend getaways during summer as I prefer to have my holidays outside the ‘usual holiday season‘ that being said I think regardless of when you go on holiday same principles apply when thinking about how to eat on holiday. Most people go on diets months before their holidays, especially summer holidays where people prepare to have ‘beach body‘ (my beach body is 7 months away in the making) ready to show off their hard work which took months to achieve. So why is it that once we go on holiday, most of us throw the very basics of our diets to the waste side and eat junk foods? I know I am guilty of that more than most so this summer and subsequent holidays moving forward (fingers crossed), I intend to stick to these tips.

How to eat on Holiday

Portions – I think this one everyone knows, instead of munching of bucket load of foods why not have sizable portions when having a meal. I think every diet out their touches on portions and we practice this during the diets so why not continue the trend.

Healthy snacking – I shared in my care pack for work post about how I am changing what I snack on at work. I thought why not extend this to when I am on holiday. If I am honest this is something I have been doing for a while just didn’t know why it never transfers to my work place. Every getaway I go on I carry energy bars and rarely do I carry chocolate bars (which surprises me as I love chocolate too much). Try snacking on nuts, protein or energy bars and fruits – either dried or fresh if you can find them. But if you’re not sure if you will be getting your five a day snacking on healthy foods, why not try out the Urban Fruits‘ range. I have loved Urban Fruits snacks since I was introduced to them last year in the Degustabox food box I receive monthly and been buying them ever since. They are delicious and come in sizable packets so you can carry them anywhere.

Drink plenty of water – This might surprise those who know me as water and I don’t really get along but I do try to stay hydrated throughout the day and it’s important whilst on holiday especially in the height of summer to drink as much liquids (not just cocktails) as you can. I try to buy smoothies, fruit juices from the supermarkets of wherever I am visiting but most importantly I try to carry and drink water throughout the day.

80/20 rule – As much as I would like to claim I eat healthy 100% of the time I am away that is not the case. But I do like to implore the 80/20 rule of where by I eat ‘clean or healthy’ 80% of the time and 20% I indulge in some treats but remember don’t go overboard here.

Have fun – many people shy away from healthy eating because they think you just need to stick to salads and nuts but that is not the case, the food you’re eating as to be as fun and enjoyable as the holiday you’re on. Recently I was in Hamburg and for my healthy meal ‘Lean meat with side salad‘, I ensure they added some chips to it because I love chips so why not indulge but as mentioned above don’t go overboard with your treats.

There you have it, my tips on how to eat on holiday leaning towards the healthy side than junk and also looking after the wallet. Eating on holiday whether healthy or otherwise doesn’t have to break the bank (though this can depend on where you are), there are ways you can save whilst traveling.

What are some of your trips for how to eat on holiday?

Do you have specific rules that you’ve set for yourself?

**I was sent the Urban Fruit samples to test, a post was not required but I chose to write about them**