{Travel} Weekend Getaway to Hamburg

When I was asked a few months back at church if I wanted to join the UK/Ireland youth to join the Northern Germany youth in Hamburg I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The blind yes was said without thinking or even planning from my side but I was lucky because our youth leaders where doing the bookings and necessary preparations for the trip and all we the youth had to do was turn up.


Hamburg is a city I have only ever transit through on our way to Düsseldorf a couple of years back for another European youth service. If I was to say that after accepting the chance to visit Hamburg, I sat down and searched places which are a must see in Hamburg then I would be lying because this time instead of thinking about the tourist spots to visit I knew it was a church event and though sightseeing had been included in the program I went as a blank canvas and wanted to see whatever we would get the chance to see.

Our flight from London Heathrow terminal 5 was scheduled for after 3pm, we boarded the flight and arrived just after 6pm (Germany is an hour ahead). We quickly rushed to the train station at Hamburg Airport and headed for Hauptbahnof Stud where our hostel Generator was located, a mere minute from the station. Allocated our rooms, we met our new roommates for the weekend, freshened up and then made our way to Neustadt, Hamburg where we had a restaurant booking.

  • From Hauptbahnof Stud use the underground U1 line to head to Neustadt a 5-10 minute train ride

Hamburg Central – Nightlife


A shot for Friendship and a toast to the future

After the meal we went back to the hostel, chilled a bit before we headed to Hamburg central to see and enjoy the night life in Hamburg. It wasn’t anything special so we headed to a nice cool bar, sat down and hard long chats before we went back to the hostel past midnight and called it a night.

Saturday came by and we were up by 7.30 for our breakfast and to start the program at 9am. After breakfast we took a train from Hauptbahnof Stud used the underground U1 line to Stephanplazt  where the CCH (Congress Centre Hamburg) building is located next to the Raddison Blu hotel. After a couple hours stint at the CCH building with other church members we left and embarked on a walk to the Alter River where we spent the day on the river paddle boating.


Alster River, Hamburg


Paddle boating in Hamburg

We had had enough of paddle boating so we headed off for some sightseeing (wondering aimlessly), walking from the Alter river we came across the Hubertus-Wald-Forum building around Alstadt. Our aimless walk then took us to Hafencity, a part of Hamburg with so many beautiful buildings one of which amazed me lots.

Walking past Hafencity, we came across the side of Rathausmarkt  the most central part of Hamburg in front of the city hall in the Old town. I wish we had more  time to explore this part of Hamburg as this part is most common for hosting huge events but because it was too hot and we had walked aimlessly for over an hour, the heat was starting to take its toll.

Rathausmarkt, Hamburg


Walking past the Rathausmarkt, city hall and town hall we came across the Nikolaifleet and we just had to stop for some pictures. I am not one for posing so here is one of me awkwardly trying to pose without scaring people.


nikolaifleet, Hamburg



We manage to stop by a number of places including a few shops where we picked up some essentials before we headed back to the hotel to cool down from the heat. When I say cool down I literally mean dunking into a pool of cold water to just bring back the body temperature to normal. It was an amazing weekend, so many amazing memories were made and I can not wait to meet up with the girls (& dude) again in July for our Dublin weekend getaway.

Have you ever been to Hamburg or Germany before?

What is your favourite place to visit?