{Fashion Monday} Mother Dressed Me 

Mother Dressed Me is a theme I came up with after my mother prepared some knock out outfits for me. I got so much praise from people, I figured I share at least one of those outfits on the blog and hence ‘Mother Dressed Me‘ was born.


Mum is someone who has impeccable fashion sense and she is such an inspiration. Obviously she dressed us as kids but as we grew up we stopped copying her which is a huge mistake in itself. Another awesome thing about my mother is she knows how to shop and also how to thrift. I can never seem to find anything when thrifting but she has an eye for it.

I love black dresses and not just LBD but all black dresses as they are so easy to style. Black practically goes with everything and can be worn to many functions. I wore this dress to church two Sunday’s ago and I loved how simple it is but still has maximum impact.


  • Dress – mum’s closet
  • Sandals – F&F (Tesco clothing)
  • Clutch Bag – Korean market

When I told my friends that my mother dressed me, they told me I should let her do it more often. It is not that I can’t dress myself but somehow mum just knows my body much better than I do. Every time when I visit my parents, mum has something in her closet for me. When she is out and about shopping, she somehow has her kids in mind and buys clothes for us.

I am really glad that my mother dressed me, of late I am always seeking her fashion opinion. 90% of the time she is ok with my choices but the other 10% she would give me the brutal truth. Most of us now know that just because we grown don’t mean our mummies still don’t have monopoly on tips and tricks.

Do you ever get Fashion tips from your mother or a mother figure?