September 2016 Goals

Happy September y’all. I can hardly contain my excitment that this month is already here. I have so much planned for this month that I do not know if I will have time to blog. End of August the blog survived on posts previously scheduled and when that run out so did I. Lately blogging has been a struggle, I feel my pending vacation is the medicines that I need to recharge. For September 2016 goals, I have been thinking hard about what I want to achieve this month. The majority of my plans are about my university and the assignments I have do. Before I share the September 2016 goals, let’s review the August 2016 goals.

September 2016 goals

August 2016 Goals

  • Book Practical Driving Lessons and Test – As I mentioned above, I have PASSED my driving Theory Test, so I will be booking some lessons and hope to do my test by mid-October 2016. SUCCESS
  • Social media detox – I have not done this in a while and I need to unplug at least one day a week. It’s hard since I spend almost 10+ hours online but I need to cut myself off after work or use one Saturday and not be online for anything. PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • Decluttering: Home and Closet – I aim to declutter my closet every 6 weeks but I forgot to do it since January so I am in need of a good decluttering session. FAILED
  • Allocate some time for Friends – I am so bad at keeping in touch with my friends, I need to make some time this month and just allocate a weekend or two to seeing some of my friends. SUCCESS
  • Post Grad School – I am headed back to university (part-time) this September and I need to allocate some time this month to prepare the documentation and finances ready for September. PARTIAL SUCCESS.

Not badly done but I could certainly do better, if at first you don’t suceed continue until you do. I will be moving the failed and partial sucess to the next month until I complete them.

September Goals

Majority of my goals are geared towards the Post Grad program I will be starting at the end of the month.

  • Social media detox – I need to start small like between finishing work and bed, I should read books and not be online.
  • Decluttering: Home and Closet – 6 weekly decluttering session has been missed again, I need to declutter before my holiday so I know what I need to give and what I need to throw away.
  • Post Grad School – Pre-assignment has been set so I need to harm down and work on it. I need to submit it before the due date
  • Accomodation – I need to find accomodation for the few days I am at uni this month so looking for a nice hotel.
  • Driving Lessons – I need to arrange some more driving lessons and save up for them too.
  • Allocate time for friends – I was overjoyed last month when I was able to meet up with some of my friends, hope to do the same this month.
  • Relax and enjoy me – I think it is important to always allocate some time to yourself outside just sleeping. I am hoping to make some time for me this month

There are many goals that I have set for myself but for now these are what I am willing to share at this point in time. Happy September everyone and wishing you all the very best.

Have you set any goals for September? What do you think of my September 2016 goals?