Seven (7) Ways of How I Travel Stress Free

Travel stress free, is it really a foreign concept to many or is it we just haven’t mastered the art of it? Regular readers know I am always traveling somewhere, I spend more time at airports and foreign lands than I do at home. I love to travel, I experienced my first solo travel in 2014 when I traveled to Zambia alone. I was pretty scared to be honest but also chilled because I was well prepared and afterall I was going home. There are people who hate dislike traveling because of the stress that come with it. I have never traveled with children before so I can’t even advice on how to travel stress free with kids.

Because I travel so much, even what others consider stressful, I feel as though it is part of the entire experience. Waking up at crack of dawn has never been fun for anyone except for me because I will still catch up on my sleep. There are certain things that I do that ensure I travel stress free without a care in the world. Today I am sharing my trusted 7 ways to travel stress free.

travel stress free

Seven (7) Ways to Travel Stress Free

Pack in advance, seriously this is a nobrainer but how many people pack last minute? I am an early packer who then unpacks night before to double check things. I enjoy looking through what I had packed earlier in the week just to ensure I am still happy with my choices.

Pack only what you need, how many times have you packed 7 outfits and only wear 1 for the duration of your holiday? I have had this happen to me too many times to not improve on and put systems in place. If I am going for a weekend getaway, first thing I pack; nightwear then clothes to return in. I do this because I love being comfortable in my sleep wear and I don’t take prisoners on that. Choosing clothes to wear on return helps me to plan and organise my life. Then I pack outfit(s) for the day(s) I will be exploring and this has to be comfortable yet stylish outfits.

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Dress comfortably (no jewellery or heels), for a jewelry addict like me this is usually hard. One thing I hate dislike at airports is taking off my (fake) jewelry. It is such an incovenient thing to do but a necessity for airport and public security. If my flight is a night flight, I travel in either the most comfortable trousers or PJs and I don’t apologise. I get the need to look cute and stylish but honestly everything has it’s own time and place.

Organisation and good investiments

Get organised – have all relevant documents ready. This is something our families drummed into us whilst we young, always ensure you have your documents ready and organised. It’s surprising how many people don’t have documents ready on day of travel. I am one of those people who has; electronic ticket and printed paper copy, passport copy at home. I like to print confirmation emails of hotels or attractions in an event that my phone or tablet runs out of power I require a backup. This is not enough for me, I reprint the same documents again and keep one in backpack and one in purse. It can be thought of as excessive until you find you need it, better safe than sorry.

Invest in good luggage, on m first ever trip to the states I went with only hand luggage. I know it’s shocking, a transatlantic flight and I don’t even have haul luggage but I was lucky TJMax had me covered. Having awesome work colleagues they managed to take me around New Jersey for some good suitcases and I found a few. Sad thing about me traveling is I feel like I need to always spend. 90% of the time I don’t need to but the TJMax luggage was too great an investiment to not spend.

Good Food and Rest

Pack snacks and reading material, whether flight is 45 minutes or 16 hours I pack snacks and reading material. Now I don’t always get to read because I am usually busy, snoozing or talking (family disease). But I am always hungry when I get on a place plus with the extortionate prices I like to bring my own. Obviously liquids I will need to buy, I always travel with empty bottle and fill it up after passing security. This way I save money on unnecesarily and expensive drinks which I can find everywhere cheaper.

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Get good rest before you travel, highly encouraged. 90% of my weekend getaways are either very early in the morning or late at night. If early in the morning, I will leave my home the previous night and sleep at the airport. Though not the most comfortable, when you’re tired you can sleep on top of a volcano (I can).

These are my seven (7) tips for being able to travel stress free regardless of the duration or destination. Many people get themselves worked up on things they can control (being prepared) or cant control (flight plan). But such is life and we are all different, I hope my tips will help you on your next adventure.

Remeber: Traveling is meant to be fun not another burden.