Keep your home and you warm and cozy this winter 

Keeping my home warm and cozy this winter is a question most of us are asking as the weather changes. I was chatting with a friend yesterday when I mentioned how quickly winter has come by. She looked at me like I was crazy before reminding me, we still about 3-4 more weeks away from winter. I mean WHAT!! Isn’t it cold enough already? If this is just Autumn, I am scared to think what winter will truly be like.

Do not despair (done that for you already), I have a few tips to help you keep your home warm and cozy this winter. And the best part, you don’t have to break the bank (well unless you’re missing the essentials).


Keep your home and you warm and cozy this winter


Tips on how to keep your home warm and cozy this winter

Double Glazing – I never knew what this was until we moved to England. You see Zambia doesn’t really have ‘real’ winter, sure it gets cold (in the morning) but soon it’s back to what England calls summer weather.

Shut your doors and winters – simple right? But how many of you have kids or even partners/siblings that have the forgetful mind? You want to keep the warmth in not let it out.

Electric blankets– these are my life savers and best friends. When I was in Johannesburg visiting family in September it did get quite cold. One night my auntie brought me an electric blanket and that was the best night sleep ever. As soon as I returned to England first item I bought after food was an electric blanket. The trick is to switch it on 10-15 minutes before bed to have that bed warm and cosy this winter.

Fleece blankets or throws – though slowly in heating up compared to electric blanket these are your best friend. I have two in my living room because of my dreaded leather sofa. Everyone knows leather gets real cold during winter and real sticky during summer except me. Me I thought that was the cutest sofa since PJB.

Hot water bottle – I don’t even know how many I own. Hot water bottles are my favourite mini travel size heaters that I love. Everytime its colder than Canada here I boil some water for my hot water bottle.

Switching heating on 30 minutes before you get home.

This is will save you money, switch your heating on 30 minutes before you get home, why because you want the outside and the inside to be different temperatures. What do I mean by this, notice how when you go outside, it’s cold and gloomy and you come back in and even when it’s not truly hot you’re warm? That’s what you need to keep, you can have your heating on at 20 but because outside is even colder that temperature inside will be perfect. But if you’re home already and it gets cold outside you’re forced to up the heating because you feel colder as the weather dips.


If all else fails then buckle up, make some hot chocolate, wear some warm clothes and think of other ways to make you home warm and cosy this winter. If you can’t I suggest a holiday in a nice and warm country for the duration of the winter LOL.

*This is NOT a sponsored post, I just like the linked up companies*

  • I cannot live without my hot water bottle. I’ve never tried an electric blanket but I’m so keen to. Great tips! x

  • Hannah

    I have an electric blanket and I’m obsessed with it!

  • Hot Water Bottles are my saviour for keeping me cosy in the winter, as well as snuggly blankets and ALL the jumpers, hats and scarves 🙂

  • I am lucky in the flat I am in I haven’t had the heating on for 3 years can you believe it. Heat comes from all the other flats and I don’t need it. x

  • I have so many blankets and throws around my house – I hate being cold! x

  • Evelina

    Electric blankets are my saviours! Don’t know know how I lived without them before

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I need to get some more warm clothes in, I feel like I don’t have enough at the moment I’ve been freezing when I have been out and about.

  • Kira L Curtis

    One of my favourite things about winter is being able to wrap up in a fleece blanket with hot chocolate and heating!

    • You and me both, hot chocolate all wraped up with a good movie is the dream

  • I have never had an electric blanket. Will look that up. I wonder if it would be expensive to use.

    • Actually it isn’t at all, I normally have mine on 5 minutes before bed and switch if off 10-15 after getting into bed.

  • Jazmin Williams

    I really need to invest in an electric blanket – I’ve heard so much hype and I think I may need one since there’s no heating in our bedrooms because it’s such an old house!

    • The electric blankets are aweosme to have especially in old cold rooms. My room is fairly cold so it helps plenty having an eletric blanket

  • We have an electric blanket, but it’s an ‘underblanket’ so it goes over our bed sheet. It’s ahhh-mazing and makes a HUGE difference to keeping warm. It was an Xmas gift from my MIL and the best thing she ever bought us.

    • How very nice of your mother in law, I love my electric blanket defintiely keeps me warm and toasty

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Im seriously debating getting an electric blanket, it is so blooming cold at night x

    • I know right, its not even winter yet

  • Lisa

    Great tips I love warm fleecy slippers and cosy blankets in the winter.

    • Thanks, I love cosy blankets

  • Lets Flip A Home

    Some great tips here. I always have my heating cranked up from about October. Couldn’t agree with you more, it’s so cold now but yet winter officially isn’t here just yet. Also a huge fan of the hot water bottle. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re most welcome and thanks. I too have my heating up from October and use it as and when

  • I always have my heating so that it comes on before I get up or before I get home. Also I’m a massive fan of throws and love the knitted picks 🙂

    • I love throws too and seem to be collecting a lot of them

  • I love to drink hot drinks but I do love the idea of an electric blanket because I find that my room gets super cold at the moment!

    • Yeah same here, my room is like siberia cold and my livingroom and kitchen are like sahara dessert hot

  • Kara

    I love that hot water bottle wrapped in a snuggly warm jumper lol

    • Yea mine are usually like that

  • Lyndsey O’Halloran

    An electric blanket is a must have for me too! I like toasty feet in bed.

  • Five Little Doves

    Sat here, snuggled against the radiator wearing my fluffy dressing gown and still freezing, I needed these tips right now!

    • Awww you poor thing, hope you warm up soon enough

  • One thing I love about winter is that you can snuggle up under a blanket whilst drinking hot chocolate, it is never the same in summer x

    • Oh so true I don’t like winter but appreciate it for the snuggling and hot drinks