{Fashion Monday} Winter Fashion Basics

Winter Fashion Basics for me is about ensuring you have the basic fashion essentials in winter. The basic essentials range from having gloves, hats to your winter woollys and thick coats. Those living in the northern hemisphere and Southern Hemispheres I believe understand the true meaning of winter. I say this because I was born in Zambia and spent half my life there. When we moved to the UK, my system was so shocked at winter ❄️ that I refused to leave the house for days. You see, what we considered as winter in Zambia is what is known as summer in the UK. So imagine my surprise when I experienced my first winter! Since then I have developed a thick skin and I know what I consider to be my winter fashion Basics.


Winter Fashion Basics

Winter Fashion Basics

Heavy coats are a must as the weather takes a turn for the worst. Some parts of the country have started to see snow already, whilst I am happy we have not I am not taking any chances. With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals still circulating ensure you grab yourself a warm winter coat.

Warm gloves another must items for your shopping list if not bought already. I am one to talk but I am yet to pick a pair that I really like. I am searching to find warm gloves that will last me past one season. As someone who loves a good bargain, when it comes to gloves I forgo quality and go with bargain but not this year. 2016 winter has something shitty planned and I am not taking any chances.

Thick scarf or shawl doubling as a scarf this winter. I am a huge lover of shawl ever since I was a kid so I have a soft spot for them. My mum used to make them for us growing up but I am yet to find one that matches up in love to my mum’s shawl.

Beanies are a must in my life. Recently give a beautiful beanie by my auntie in South Africa so imagine how sad I was when I dropped it. I was trying to take out my umbrella and I think that’s when I dropped it but because it was cotton so I didn’t hear it drop. I am looking for a replacement but so far nothing and I am quick sad about it.

chelsea ankle strap boots


Boots, need I say more? If you’re anywhere near the northern hemisphere this time of year (with exceptions) you’re in need of some warm boots. I have recently had some lovely additions to my collections, which are serving me well so far this winter disguised as autumn. House of Fraser recently sent me another awesome pair that I am absolutely loving and can not get enough of. You can check their women’s ankle boots section and I promise there is something for everyone.

Disclosure: Boots sent for inclusion in a Fashion Post.

Fashion Monday Winter Fashion Basics ~ Outfit


The Winter Fashion Basics post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include an outfit to the mix. It’s December after all and I am sure you have many parties to attend (I don’t) so I thought I give you an outfit idea. Every girl needs to own that one sparkle dress that says ‘hey howya doing‘. And whether you like knee-high boots or not this weather will make love them and so will be sparkle dress. Add some bling to the outfit and you’re ready to go.

What do you have on your winter-fashion-basics list?