Luxury Wishlist 

Luxury Wishlist consists of items that would take me living on cheese on toast for a month and half. Though no one said I couldn’t day-dream about these items or put them on a secret luxury Wishlist of my own. When we hear luxury most of us go running the other way and don’t look back. I don’t blame us because most of the time it’s items we can’t afford nor do we even consider. But there comes a time when one must reach for the starts and start reaching for that unreachable star. Everyone has that one unreachable star, for me its definitely a Rolls Royce or a Rolex for dad. But for him he could get a pre-owned Rolex and he would be sorted. Where as for some of us, it’s a little bit more trickier than that.

Luxury Wishlist

Now reaching for the starts does not have to be unreachable. We can start with things that we can reach, then work our way up. In this post I am sharing the “reachable stars” which with a bit of saving I can have.

Michael Kors (MK)


I have wanted an MK bag and watch for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know much about the brand until a couple of years back when it really became popular. Or maybe it was already popular and I was just warming up to it. I once bought a travel bag, it was £250 and that was on sale. I wanted it badly but my budget wouldn’t allow it and getting into more debt was no option.

Jimmy Choo


Those red soles will be the death of me, I have always been obsessed with shoes but not I can’t afford them. There was a girl at university who used her tuition fee to buy herself a pair. Yes she was silly, she lived for the moment where as she could have used that money for education. After education, get work (not guaranteed), earn money and buy even more (I think). I once saw a Jimmy Choo pair in Harrods London and almost fainted not just the price but the beauty.



All the Gucci perfumes I have sniffed smelled I have loved. Trying to buy one for myself have proven difficult because the frugal me holds the wallet. During the Boxing Day sales there is always some on sale in Harrods but didn’t manage to pick on up. I will own one for sure one day.



Every time I think of the brand Prada, I think of the movie the devil wears Prada. Now that was Meryl Streep at her best, I loved it and the elegance of it all.



How can one not love Chanel, the perfumes smells divine and the CC insignia is just perfect. Like MK bags I have always wanted to own a real coco Chanel bag and hope to one day.

luxury wishlist


What is on your luxury Wishlist? Are you more luxurious or frugalicious? Nothing wrong with either, if you can afford it flaunt it. If you don’t, stick to what you know?