{Fashion Monday} Valentine’s Day outfit inspo 

Valentine’s Day outfit inspo, a mood board I put together to give you an idea. Obviously not all of us want to dress all red or even like the colour. So I thought I pick another colour and/or keep red to a minimum. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, I have also included an outfit one can donned for work.

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Valentine’s Day outfit inspo 

Valentine’s Day to me is just like any other day, it is overly commercialised. Though I wouldn’t object to going out for dinner or a walk on the town. But over the years I have always celebrated either a few days before or a few days after to avoid the crowds. For am Valentine’s Day should be everyday and not just on 14th February, we should show love everyday.

When I was thinking about the Valentine’s Day outfit inspo, I had to think of outfits I can wear myself. The first order of business was find something in my closet for work since 14th February is a Tuesday. The weather is not particularly good of late so made sense to pick a Turtleneck jersey dress. I felt pairing it with red heeled boots would go quite nicely with minimal accessories.

For those who have plans to go out for the night I figured either a strapless or paneled dress would do. The strapless bandage bodycon dress is one which is simple yet can be dressed sophisticated. I found these gold toe capped pumps and liked how they looked paired together. The paneled dress is one that I like very much and would love the colour.
If you’re like me and not celebrating the lover’s day this year, don’t fret. You can still dress up and look good for you, I know I do and will do this year too.
What do you think of my Valentine’s Day outfit Inspo?