Why I only travel with a carry on

Why I only travel with a carry on, the simple answer is it’s cheaper to do so. Regular readers know I travel abroad almost every free weekend I can spare and it’s liberating. But as fun and awesome as that sounds it can be costly to travel. The majority of my travels are via budget airlines, this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the flights are cheaper than your everyday airline. A curse because of the “extra” charges that they pile on making a budget flight to an expensive one.

I have spent the last 2+ years traveling as a solo traveler and mostly around Europe but to Asia and Africa too. Prior to solo traveling I wouldn’t have classified myself as a good ‘packer’. I was always the girl who packed way too much and had no room whatsoever for anything else. Have you ever gone on holiday with so many clothes but have absolutely nothing to wear? Well that’s me all the time until I mastered the art of packing.

Why I only travel with a carry on

Why I only travel with a carry on

Traveling with just a carry on limits you in what you can pack but also makes you really creative. I don’t like to focus on the limits it possesses but on the capabilities it offers one to explore. With that, here are some of the reasons why I only travel with a carry on.

Cheaper on budget airlines

Jetting around Europe can be both cheap and expensive depending on when you travel and what you carry. I travel mostly during the weekend so prices vary from cheap (£7 single to Poland) to expensive (£350 return to Copenhagen). Traveling with budget airlines with just a carry-on means I do not have to pay extra for baggage

Too much choice can be a bad thing

OK! hear me out here. You see when you’re limited to what you can carry you become sensible about what you pack. For all my travels I firstly pack an outfit for my return trip then my departure outfit. This way I don’t have to stress about thinking what else I need to pack, I then think about duration of my trip. Normally it’s just a day or two in which case I will just pack one pair of jeans plus two shirts and that’s me done.

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Teaches you a new skill

It may seem weird but packing light is definitely a skill many people do not poses. Using the technique have mentioned above it helps me stick to what I need and don’t waste time. Because if I pack things that I need I don’t have room for things I don’t need

 Easier to drag around

The majority of hotels I book don’t allow check-in before 11am and no I am not talking about motels. I always bare that in mind and never want to drag a heavy bag around me. When I was new to solo traveling I made that mistake and I can assure you it’s not one I will be making again.

I pack light so that I can enjoy my fast paced travels and don’t have to pay extras for luggage. I love that I choose to limit how much I carry thereby ensuring I master how to pack light. Traveling is a luxury I enjoy very much and no luggage is going to spoil that for me.