Larnaca itinerary #Cyprus

Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus and home to Larnaca salt lake, Finikoudes Beach and Promenade. At the beginning of the year a few girls and I decided to add to our ever-growing travel list. Though for me it is part of my 30B430 travel bucket list #traveledit and 17 places to visit in 2017. We are all totally excited to be heading out to Larnaca for a much-needed girls vacation. None of us have ever been to Cyprus but it’s been quite exciting putting together a larnaca itinerary. Many places have been recommended and hopefully we will get to see most of them especially wreck of Zenobia.


Larnaca Itinerary #Cyprus

Larnaca Salt Lake is a popular attraction during winter months when the four interconnected lakes fill up with water.  It’s during the winter months that pink flamingos flock to feed on the pink shrimps that swim in the lake. During the summer time the water evaporates and leaves only salt residues hence salt lake.

Church of Saint Lazarus, rumours has it that after Lazarus was brought back from the dead by Jesus he emigrated to Cyprus. Whilst in Cyprus it is believed he continued with his faith to spread the gospel of Jesus. The church is built on the tomb of Lazarus and recent excavations found a body under the church believed to be of Lazarus.

Wreck of Zenobia thought to have sunk over 30 years ago and now a highlight for tourists who enjoy scuba diving. Though I can’t swim to save my life I am hoping we can book organised water tours of the mediterranean coast. After all wreck of Zenobia is a must visit place hence why its been included on our Larnaca itinerary. The reefs and caves which are nearby to Zenobia are also popular tourist spots when visiting Larnaca.


Guided Tours

Normally when I visit a place or country for the first time, I always look into guided tours. With guided tours the beauty is someone has already planned them and you meet fellow tourists. The bad side is they can be quite restrictive and also expensive. For the visit to Larnaca I am looking at free walking tours to explore the city some more. I believe that with most cities you get to experience and explore more on foot, you get to engage more with the locals too.

Outside free walking tours, we been thinking about taking a cruise from Larnaca and one recommendation is Octopus fishing. I have had a octupus before but I am not sure I am ready to go fishing for one. It is all lovely and relaxing to go fishing I am not sure it’s what I want for this getaway.

But if your aim is not to explore the city on foot, you could look to other types of tours like organised sports tours. The beauty is that there are many options out there to choose them, all you need to do is google whatever activity. When I visited Slovenia last summer with Big Berry, I got an opportunity to tag along on an organised water sport. This was an experience of a life time and I would be happy to do another one.

Our Larnaca itinerary is quite extensive and there are many places we want to visit. But, I didn’t want to overload this post with places I might not even visit. The main three mentioned above plus one guided tour are the ones we’ve guaranteed to check out. Have you ever been to Larnaca or any part of Cyprus? Any recommendations we should check out or avoid?