Benefits of Oily Skin {Seborrhoea}

Oily skin, the bane of my existence I hear my fellow oily skin sufferers champions mutter. Normally I would be with you muttering a few curse words under my breath but since I started blogging my tone has shifted. You see oily skin is not the big bad wolf we’ve been taught all our lives but a saviour “in sheep’s clothing” perhaps!!! Ok maybe bad analogy but still you get my drift. Oily skin is your friend and today on the blog I will share why you should love it too. Or maybe let me start with why many hate dislike oily skin.

Benefits of oily skin

Reasons to hate oily skin 

  • You’re always oily than a fritter
  • You’re shinier than anyone around you
  • It doesn’t look attractive
  • Looks unhygienic
  • Constantly need to re-apply makeup
  • Can ruin makeup easily

Now that we’ve listed reasons to hate and I am sure you have more, here is why you should love it.

Benefits of oily skin

  • Protects your skin from the elements
  • Protects you from ageing quickly
  • Natural moisturiser for your face 
  • Will have few wrinkles than most

The science stuff of Seborrhoea*

Seborrhoea is the scientific term for oily skin, it’s caused by excess sebum (skin oil). It’s thought that during puberty androgen levels increase signalling the oil grands to mature. It’s during this time that excess oil is produced and for some the process goes into overdrive. This normally subsides as you pass puberty but for others this continues into adulthood which is both good and bad as listed above. Bad because most people with Seborrhoea continuously suffer with acne though some don’t. Good because Seborrhoea helps you age more slowly and with fewer wrinkles.

 What can you do to help your oily skin?

  • Use bloating paper to remove the excess oil
  • Don’t over clean, use light cleansers and avoid exfoliating.
  • Use light moisturiser, jojoba containing moisturisers are regularly recommended. Heavy moisturisers will only clog your pores

Though for some Seborrhoea is a burden I have opted to adopt it as a protective oily film. Seborrhoea is less sensitive to external elements, to drying out and stress. Because of this it’s less subject to wrinkles and signs of ageing, now who wouldn’t mind not having wrinkles and won’t be showing their age anytime soon.

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