Travelling to Thailand? Here’s How to Reduce the Costs

Are you headed to Thailand in the future, but worried about the costs racking up when you’re there? It’s understandable you’d want to try to ensure costs are as low as possible on your travels, so here are some handy tips and advice when it comes to reducing the costs of travel when you head out there.

 Travel in Low Season

The best way for cost-saving is to take a trip during Thai low season. This is generally in September to October, when the rainy season is in full swing. Bangkok experiences an average rainfall of 31.5cm during this period, but remains hot (by our standards) with a maximum temperature of 32 degrees.

Unsurprisingly, with this factor taken into account, there are a considerable amount fewer tourists travelling to the region during this period of the year. This means you won’t only experience cheaper prices, but also more freedom to do what you want when you’re there.

Working Out Insurance

Getting travel insurance is one of the best ways of ensuring you won’t be forced to fork out extortionate prices when you head overseas. The insurance itself is never cheap though – and leaves some to even feel a bit conned when they get back in one piece (as grateful as they are for that).

Prices can reach as high as the thousands when it comes to medical expenses in Thailand though, so it’s critical you make sure you get covered before heading out. Failing to do so could be disastrous to your wallet.

Oddly enough, in some cases it’s actually cheaper to purchase annual cover for your insurance than single trip cover. Family and couples plans also help make things easier for you if you ever intend to head off with a group.

Stay Clear of Tourist Traps

Not everything will or should cost you a fortune when you’re heading off to Thailand. There are a series of tourist areas, particularly in regions like Phuket and KoSamui, which boost the prices during peak seasons.

Do your research and find areas which offer similar experiences for far more reasonable prices. Places like UbonRatchathani are perfect for this, as they offer an amazing blend of culture and fun for incredibly affordable prices.

Cook Your Own Meals

You can purchase food for dirt-cheap prices across Thailand, with a standard home-cooked meal there having the potential to cost as little as 50p. While it certainly won’t cost much more to eat out (roughly four times as much), this is a clever alternative for anyone looking to save some cash.

Chicken and rice, along with a simple sauce, is easily attainable from local stores for relative pittance – with this serving as more than enough nutrition to get you through the day in good nick.

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

It might not be something which comes naturally to you, but it’s always a good strategy to try to haggle down from whatever the original starting price of an item is. You may not save a fortune doing this, but every penny really does help when it comes to costs overseas.

It’s fairly simple to successfully pull this technique off. Just start drastically low, and allow a price to be raised three or four times by the vendor. By the time they’re satisfied, you’ll still get a decent deal – thanks to your initial massive devaluation.

When travelling to Thailand there are several clever ways you can save on costs. Follow the advice we’ve laid out here and you’ll soon find you can save a good wallop on most of the different factors which go into a holiday.