The Happy List #3 – all the good 

All the good is the theme this week for The Happy List series check out last week’s Happy List. This week has been by far the most amazing week of my life in 2017. It has been such an amazing week that every time I wake up I want to pinch myself, I keep asking did that really happen. Life has been so good to me that even the bad times have been amazing. They say you only get to really appreciate the good once you experience the bad. The bad has not broken me but strengthen my resolve to live a life that I want and God intended. I believe in taking stock of your blessings and never forget where you come from.

all the good

The Happy List #3 – all the good 

{1} Milestones

I am turning 30 on July 7, this milestone was one I wasn’t ready to admit or even declare. You see I had my human plans of being married and having 2.5 kids by 30. I am 29 years old single, no kids and very happy. The things I wanted and dreamt about daily did not happen. I was disheartened yes but I am still not giving up. I believe I have everything that I need at this point in time in my life. Many people tell me they wish they had what I have. I too am guilty of wishing I had what some of them have, marriage and kids. But I have learnt it’s not my time, I have learnt to stay in my lane and enjoy what I have now.

{2} Bucketlists

Part of my 30 Before thirty bucketlist I intend to visit 30 Countries Before July 7th. Would you believe me if I told you in the next 7 weeks I have booked flights to visit 5 countries? 2 weeks ago it looked like an impossibility to be able to visit 5 Countries in 9 weeks and 7 weeks to go I have it in hand. Like I said, life has been good to me especially this week more than most. You can take a peak of my Bucketlist and 17 places I tend to visit in 2017. You can stab a guess as to which countries I will be visiting in the next 7 weeks, today I give you a clue to one ~ Indonesia.

{3} New Adventures

I am glad to report that after many issues with the DVLA and finally getting my licence back I now have a car. The crazy {fun} things that have happened this week could not have prepared me for this. I am too excited and every waking moment I am thinking and dreaming about my new car. Have already taken it for a spin around my folks place and hopefully this new week I can do the same around mine.

Whilst I want to share more of all the good that has happened to me I think three is enough for now. Let me be clear, my life is not perfect nor easy and nothing is free. I put my trust in the lord, I work hard and count my blessings always. In this life I have come to know to ALWAYS see the good in the bad and don’t let the bad break you. Use the bad to learn a lesson and teach yourself the better way.

Wishing you a lovely Bank holiday weekend {UK} and Memorial Weekend {USA} and others who are celebrating.