Explore the heart of Paris by Boat

Explore the heart of Paris by boat, experience Paris in a whole new light immersing yourself in the Parisian livelihood. 

explore the heart paris

Having visited Paris before on a solo trip last year I knew exactly what I wanted to see time permitting. Because business trips can be so unpredictable I decided I was going to try the cruise on the Seine river. I booked my ticket to visit The Eiffel Tower Summit which included a Seine river cruise. This was exciting enough seeing Paris from another angle up above but I also wanted to experience the boat cruise. It’s become an obsession of mine to take boat cruises where I can {Thames, Danube} and I wasn’t going to miss out on it in Paris.

The Seine River is famous for its 37 bridges which includes 4 footbridges. It is these many bridges that connect the Left and Right Banks of the city.

Seine River runs over a stretch of 777 kilometers in length. Through the towns of Troyes, Paris and Rouen before pouring into the English Channel. I was fortunate to view it from the Eiffel Tower and cruising on the river itself.

Most of us when planning to visit iconic cities like Paris we consider tour buses or walking. I am a fan of both but I have a new appreciation for seeing things from another angle: queue river cruises. Upon deciding that we would explore Paris over the weekend so as not to interfere with business plans. We bought our tickets from get your guide; Eiffel Tower 2nd floor and Seine River cruise. Whilst on the Eiffel Tower I was able to quickly purchase a ticket for the summit {tallest point of the tower}. The views where incredible, a month on and I am still in awe and can not wait to revisit. After the tour of the Eiffel Tower I was now hungry for the food and a river cruise.

explore the heart of paris

Explore the heart of Paris via the Seine River

After food we headed back to the bank of the Seine River ready for a completely different view to the usual. During the river cruise I had four iconic views I was eager to see.

Eiffel Tower ~ obviously I still wanted to see it again from another angle even after climbing it. A truly different uninterrupted view of the Eiffel Tower and it’s equally incredible.

IIe de la Cite ~ many people had mentioned this small island and couldn’t wait to see it for myself. I was aware of the Notre Dame which seats on the east end of the island. What I didn’t anticipate was the gorgeous view you get from the Seine River.

explore the heart of Paris

The Louvre ~ I remember my first visit to Paris, I couldn’t get enough of the Louvre. I think I photographed it from every angle except from the river banks. It’s just incredible and again on the river it offers uninterrupted view and less crowds.

Musée d’Orsay ~ seeing the magnificent museum architecture and the beauty of the Louvre completed my day. Originally built as a train station in 1900 before being transformed into world’s finest collection of Impressionism in 1986.

One thing you don’t anticipate when you explore the heart of Paris by boat is the magnificent beauty offered. Yes Paris is a beautiful and iconic city but you can’t claim to have seen all it has to offer if you haven’t seen it from Seine River.