Highlights of Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 

Berlin is a city that I had wanted to visit for the longest time possible and is on my bucketlist. Everyone knows about the atrocities of Adolf Hitler and many still have a bitter taste about Berlin. Berliners and Germans as a whole do still have that bitter taste about their country’s history but work everyday to change that. The only thing the current generation can do is learn from the past and not repeat it. Whilst there is this murky side to the city there is also a lot to be celebrated and also lots to learn. 

Highlights of Berlin
Highlights of Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

During my daily screening of flight deals I came across a lovely deal for Berlin for £20 return. Well technically it was £9.99 each way but whose counting the pence? I quickly checked the dates and it was during the week and since I really wanted to go I took a day off. Best decision ever because Berlin is everything I thought it would be if not more. Today, I will be sharing the highlights of Berlin that I managed to see in a day.

Charlottenburg to Zoologischer

Happy go lucky hotel is located 3 minutes from Charlottenburg train station, an all day ticket costs €7. Having gotten directions from the hotel I got off at Zoologischer where the fun began. I had no real plan of what I wanted to see in Berlin nor did I want to plan it. A found a meeting place for a walking tour with insidertours.com outside the Zoologischer station. I purchased my ticket for the Famous Walk, €11.40 and would take 4 hours to complete.

Zoologischer Garten {West} to Hackescher Markt {East}

Traveling from the former west Berlin to east Berlin was a 10+ minute train ride. Our guide Taylor {Australian dude residing in Berlin for the last 8 years} was very knowledgeable of German history. He explained the biggest historical events in Berlin happened in the east of the city. The day ticket I had purchased from Charlottenburg was valid all day so it was worth the purchase. As you have to take a train from west to east Berlin before the tour can begin.

Highlights of Berlin
Highlights of Berlin: Famous Walk Tour

The Famous Walk tour covers all the main sites of Berlin plus includes some hidden ones too. Starting with Teutonic Knights through to its key role in the major events of the 20th century. We learnt about how Berlin became the capital of the Nazi Third Reich, a city divided by the Cold War. A city that then become a modern capital of  unified Germany in the new Europe.

The famous tour starts off at Museum Island and Berliner Dom before heading off in the direction of Humboldt University. In between the two locations are many hidden gems and in the opposite direction you can see the Fernsehturm.

Across from the Humboldt university you could walk to Bebelplatz where Nazi book-burning took place. Marx studied at the university and Albert Einstein taught there. From here we walked to a cafe for a much-needed rest break and refuel our bodies with something warm. From here it’s a walk to check point Charlie where a standoff occurred that could have brought about WWIII. Close to check point Charlie are exhibits of the life of Berliners inside the Berlin Wall. A few clicks from that you find yourself outside the remnants of the Berlin Wall and it totally broke my heart.

From there we proceeded to Reichstag, a site of Hitler’s bunker now a car park.

Reichstag is not far from the Jewish Memorial, a sight that breaks your heart. Whilst the location of the Jewish memorial has nothing to do with the Jews per se it’s located there for a reason, lest we forget the past. Leaving the Jewish memorial and passing the American embassy you find yourself at Pariser Platz or The Gate Berlin.


Highlights of Berlin
The Famous Walk tour ends at the Berlin Gate but it’s by far the end of your personal tour. I feel the Berlin Gate is a great place to start your tour of Berlin and I will share more in 24-hours in Berlin.

I hope you enjoyed the highlights of Berlin and excited to see a more detailed depiction of the popular sights. Berlin has so much to offer and not only in its incredible history but it’s transformation into modern-day German capital.

Have you ever been to Berlin? If so what where your highlights of {visiting} Berlin?

  • Becca Talbot

    I haven’t been to Germany yet, but as my 30 before 30 approaches the end, maybe I should book a weekend in Berlin! It looks fab x

  • Angela Milnes

    I haven’t been there and I would love to go there if I have a chance it looks an amazing photos too

  • Berlin is on my bucket list too! Hopefully I’ll be able to visit later on this year when I plan to visit my friend in Paris.

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