{Fashion Monday} Sunshine on a cloudy day

Sunshine on a cloudy day is all I can think about whilst putting this outfit idea together. It’s weird to think it’s May but all we seeing is rain and it’s cold like an autumnal day. Anyone would think we’ve skipped two seasons and are already into Winter because it’s cold and raining. British weather can be quite unpredictable and most of us are used to it. But of late it’s becoming even more unpredictable and quite irritating. We can cope with 4 seasons in a day or even a weak but we still get to experience the right season.

Some parts of the country have been fortunate to get good weather but that can’t be said for all. Whilst the south might be enjoying some lovely weather, the rest have been covered in rain. Granted today was much better than last week as we were able to get some sun.  There isn’t much that can be done about the weather, here is an outfit giving sunshine on a cloudy day.


Sunshine on a cloudy

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I know what you’re thinking, that’s too bright! It’s not something I could pull off but honestly anyone can pull this colour off. The idea is to balance it out with lesser toned colours  and not be overwhelmed.
To brighten my entire day I always choose bright colours because they truly do cheer me up. I never used to be one to be all dressed up in colourful outfits but now its liberating. I choose this lovely mustard dress and paired and with wedged heels. For me wedged heels are the way forward for those of us who enjoy wearing heels but can not handle them all day. I felt adding a denim jacket to this outfit gave it a bit more character and the contrast is perfect. When it came go picking accessories I felt keeping it simple is the best way forward. The sunshine on a cloudy day outfit is colourful enough and all the focus should be on the dress.
How do you bring sunshine on a cloudy day in your life? Do you like adding colourful items to your outfits or like keeping it simple?